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Sunday, November 8, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

NazNet chaplain moderator Barbara Moulton stated to me: “. . .for the record, I do have objections to gay marriage. I don't perform them and will never perform them. I simply am not going to crusade against allowing them to take place in my country.”

I responded: “God help us! So there you have it. Simple words that convey just what they say. No doubt as to what she believes. Nothing there to quibble about.”

She’s “not going to crusade against them (‘gay marriages’) allowing them to take place in my country.” There you have it, believing friends.

NazNet has a chaplain moderator who permits the homosexuals to get full coverage day and night while she hides away in the site’s underground. There can be no other conclusion reached than that she is a religious coward overseeing a site that claims to be elitistically alluring.

Not so.


Those reading this responded with their own angst:

“Barbara Moulton is following in the steps of those German Lutherans who sang their hymns in their PC insulated churches while the wheels of the box trains carrying Jewish families to their deaths kept to the rhythm of their religious songs.

“Don't crusade against any sin, Barbara! but ‘gain the whole world’ of prestige and position; however, don't forget the second part of that verse!”

And. . .

“Hi Grant,
I have been reading your posts about Naznet with interest and also a sad heart. For those of us who poured our hearts out with loving compassion pastoring our churches and stressing the importance of heart holiness, it is sad to witness decline of any type. As you well know, we are going to be attacked for taking our stands for that which is true and just. God bless! Keep on keeping on.”

And. . .

“. . .chaos and confusion! These people are nuts. . .”

And. . .

“Is she a coward or what????????????? Naznet tries to make itself out to be socially active.

“Obviously one of its moderators is not that when it comes to putting her biblical convictions in the market place. But that is where it finally counts, isn't it? Naznet is made up of elitist think-themselves-intellectuals with giddy this and that throughout, kissups aplenty.

“But when it comes to moving off the site into the open air, obviously one of the chaplain (!) moderators is not willing to be so bold. Such hypocrisy. Secret discipleship does not count at the eternal throne.”

And. . .

“I had a brief email exchange with Barbara Moulton a couple of years ago regarding a cheap shot she took at Hannity. She is Canadian and, like most non-US types on Naznet, she has no objections to ‘gay marriages’ and finds socialism to be entirely compatible with the Scriptures.

“The ‘upholding the traditional Nazarene standards types’ seemingly has left the Naznet forums during the last 2-3 years. Statements from leaders in Kansas City Nazarene headquarters seem to indicate a similar decaying pattern.”