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Sunday, November 8, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

"The brain drain."

They get their medical education in Canada then pick up their paychecks in the US. Been going on for years. Still going on.

Canada does not have enough doctors. That means the dreaded "wait list."

A male cousin living in New Brunswick told me that much of his day is sitting in a hospital's personnel room, not in the surgical theater. Why? Because his patient has been put on the "wait list." That means that surgeon has to wait.

His wife is a medical doctor. When I mentioned the "wait list" to her, she looked at me as if I were alarmed. But I was alarmed. However, to her it is a way of professional wasteland she has been schooled into. If she in day-to-day routine got alarmed about it she would go unbalanced.

"I'm on the wait list," a relative in Nova Scotia told me. That struck fear.

If Obama's Whacko Health Blanket smothers America, the US will not have enough doctors.

All of a sudden fifty million new patients. Where are the medical professionals to care for this floodsweep? They don't exist. Then comes the "wait list." Long weeks, months, perhaps years. No kidding. One Nova Scotian friend had to wait four years to get a pacemaker!

In those four years she often was near death's door. Thankfully, she did not breathe her last.

Furthermore, Obamacare means that Medicare is going to pain maximum. That means that elderly who in particular need care are going to go wanting. They are five hundred billion dollars sliced out of Medicare if Marxist Muslim Obama gets his scheme in destroying our Republic.

My mother was in a luxurious health care unit in Texas. She was 96. Now that facility is imploding. There is one CNA for two wings. Long-standing nurses' name signs are no longer posted outside their prior offices. And so forth.

Mother then was cared for in a doctor-owned facility. Then she received proper treatment.

But if the Obama Whack Plan is cemented, these doctors will be worked flat out.

The bottom line regarding Obamangst is that people who need medical attention will not have a professional to help them. Those in the US will be logged on the "wait list." Wait wait wait. Will they die before they get the medical aid they need? Perhaps. It happens every day in Canada.

This same travesty goes on in UK constantly. When visiting in Ireland, our host and hostess told us that she had to be put on the "wait list." They said it as a matter of fact for it has been woven into the lifestyle there. It is no longer recited sadly for even that emotion has deflated.

Does the US want this flatout squash?

America will implode as mother's previous facility is imploding as I type.

America, wake up!