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Friday, November 13, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

NazNet Manager G. R. ‘Scott’ Cundiff supports the errant position of Dr. C.S. Cowles of Point Loma Nazarene University. Cowles puts forth his thesis here:

Cowles’ presentation is entitled: “Scriptural Inerrancy? ‘Behold, I Show You A More Excellent Way’: An Open Letter by C. S. Cowles / Spring, 2009 Point Loma Nazarene University.”

Cundiff joins NazNet Moderator Hans Deventer in wiping out total faith in the Bible as God’s inerrant revelation.

NazNet Founder and Moderator Dave McClung says nothing to refute this. Instead, he continues to play blind. Not only on this issue, but when Moderator Chaplain Barbara Moulton refuses to go into public air to defend God’s abhorrence of homosexual liaisons.

This reveals most boldly that NazNet is no support for the Church of the Nazarene, though claiming to be so time and again throughout the site. Instead, NazNet is at work daily to shatter the holiness denomination so that it no longer will be holiness or evangelical or theologically conservative.

McClung, businessman, is no theologian. He should not be creating on the Internet a seminary-type that sucks in particularly the young. McClung enjoys his pied piper role. He strokes those who post liberal positions, as do Cundiff and Deventer.

Cundiff is old enough to know better. He is no young chap still trying to find his way. Therefore, he and McClung delight in forming a theologically liberal following to submerge the holiness voice of the Church of the Nazarene.

Instead of using NazNet to enhance holiness teaching, elaborating intelligently the wise interpretation of sanctification in Scripture, NazNet does everything but that.

It fills up its site with contention and anti-biblical positions. These include Deventer’s defense of annihilation of the wicked rather than the biblical teaching of eternal torment.

Also, these include Deventer’s admiration of infant baptism over the biblical teaching of adult believers’ baptism only.

Cundiff fosters the questioning of the Word of God. He lends his site position most assertively to direct readers in the suspicion direction.

One who knows the Bible must ask these overseers this basic query: Do you not fear the Judgment Seat of Christ? Do you not take seriously at least that portion of Scripture or have you dismissed that as too horrific to believe?