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Sunday, September 27, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Biblical Christians hold that the God of Scripture has intervened on numerous occasions in order to keep our Republic intact.


One major reason is that America is the only nation that began with believers holding high Christ as Savior and the Bible as the Word of God.

These originals interceded before heaven’s throne daily. They taught their children to do so. Those children then taught their children likewise.

Those pioneer petitions are as if they were prayed this morning for with God time is a thousand years as a day and vice versa.

Add to these early leanings upon the divine our present tense prayers of genuine Christians and we have a national protective cover layered by the heavenly host.

Biblical believers know that the ongoing war circling the globe is essentially a spiritual battle. Satan fights God. God, of course, is more powerful than Satan; nevertheless, the combat can be exceedingly fierce.

It is fact that God continues to intervene for a nation founded upon faith in Him. He will intervene in the future as the righteous remnant remains constant in strong, simple faith.

Those who despise God and His holy standards join with satanic attacks from outside our country. However, the righteous remnant counts as an extremely mighty force when it comes to divine intervention.

The unrighteous mobs cannot cancel out the earnest pleas of the sincerest disciples.

Day upon day, watch for the divine intervention. God is still on His throne. The planet is solely His property. He watches over His grace children with a jealous love.

God plants the stars in space, knowing them by name. He has secured the sun and moon, the planets and their precision. Therefore, no mere mortal clay can boast of godlike prowess except for that individual’s eternal damnation.

Consequently, biblical believers must increase their prayer and praise before the Creator’s presence, knowing that it is He who judges the Earth and uplifts the faithful.

It is this God who intervenes so as to spoil the plots of the destroyers.