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Sunday, August 9, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

". . .despising the shame. . ." Hebrews l2:2

Because Jesus knew that the cross was not the end of it all, He rejected the threat of the cross and its shame. He would not permit Satan to fool Him into believing that the disgrace of the crucifixion would be the conclusion of His ministry. Instead, Jesus proceeded to endure, knowing that joy with the Father would culminate His obedience.

". . .despising the shame. . ." is a way of saying treating the attacks of Satan with the emptiness that they really are. Satan attacks us on the cross journey with such overwhelming threatenings--fears upon fears, dreads upon dreads. So it is that night swirls around our heads so as to cave us in with depression.

Do not listen to the dark whispers of the snake. They are but smoke screens of awful concoctions plotted by imps to do in your faith.

Instead, realize that the cross is already enveloped in resurrection morning presence. Know that the Father who sent you His comforting Spirit has already won the victory. You are merely going through what is destined to every believe--the way of the cross bearing--privileged journey with Jesus that it is.

You then can laugh at the devil. Tell his fellow demons to take flight.

As Satan tells you that you are going to lose it, come to poverty, be tossed off balance, done in thoroughly, then remind hell's citizens that you are onto their tactics and so will not be taken in by them. You are into Christ Jesus--the resurrected One--Victor, Master, King, Lord, Omega, The Amen.

If you lose all things material, you will win spiritually. You will not succumb even if martyred for your soul will be welcomed into the heavenly realm with the saints who have preceded you. Christ Himself will take you by the hand into His abode prepared for you.

Be sure to list all the possessions to which you used to cling. Then inform Satan that you do not own them. They have been sacrificed already to God above for gospel purpose. They have no name of yours tagged to them. They never will. You have them on loan for eternity's use; but you have no hold upon them. They are merely gifts from the Father of lights for you to return to Him; and you have already done that.

Tell Satan that he cannot snatch your soul. It has been washed in the blood of the Lamb. You are not your own but have been purchased by the blood price of God's own Son. Therefore, you cannot lose. You already are winning on every side. Earth and its "charm" is no match for eternity's wealth. Therefore, you have consigned your now and then to the God of gods, the Maker who formed and redeemed you.

Continue that litany of praise in worship to Christ your Keeper. With such rejoicings you will send demons in flight. They will not be able to clutch their claws into your heart of hearts.

You will have despised the shame! You will have treated lightly the embarrassment accompanying the cross. In that, the cross will have turned into its bridge from earth to eternity, from pain into glory.