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Sunday, August 9, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

". . .forgiven you all trespasses. . .nailing it to his cross. . ." Colossians 2:l3-l4

Paul wrote that the law system of the Old Covenant had stood against the believers continually; however, Calvary's cross had that system nailed to that tree so as to provide forgiveness to all repentant souls.

Forgiven of all wrong-doings through the cross!

That is the gospel. There is no system which can take the place of divine mercy, the latter provided by the Sinless Sacrifice! There is no legalism, no structure, no judgment which can stand against the truly repentant soul once that soul has come under the Lamb's blood.

If then our Holy Savior has taken upon His head our unholiness, blotting out the sins forever as if they never occurred, all the more we should be more than attached to the cross. It makes us one with the Savior's offering. It makes us united with Him Himself. We then become wedded to not only the divine grace but the Grace-provider.

Would we then find any other location on the planet by which to house? Not so. There is no other place to turn to if we want to stand as clean before heaven. It is the cross. So we take up our daily cross, not only to learn its lessons, but also to carry our daily thanksgiving to heaven for such a provision.

We are saved from our sins, their attending guilt and the penalty of hell. We are saved by the kindnesses of Jesus--His taking our place upon the tree. He took the cross that we might carry our cross as a witness to the world that we are more than grateful for the gift presented us.

ALL sins. Complete redemption. Perfection personified in Him. There then is not one trespass which we have blotched against our records which cannot find removal by means of His spilt blood!

The cross stands high upon history's hill as that present from glory's throne which makes hope possible.