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Sunday, August 9, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

". . .is set down at the right hand of the throne of God." Hebrews l2:2

Jesus instructs His own to take up their crosses, then follow Him.

Jesus has told His own that where He is, there they will be also.

Jesus spent His earthly stay in seeking to bring salvation to those who would repent of their sins, give up their all in order to know His all, then follow Him through the door of death into heaven.

Jesus, having been true to the Father's plan--even to the cross--then sat down at the right hand of the Father. Where He is, there the disciples will house as well--at the throne.

Keep in the forefront of your allegiance to Jesus that you are going to close your cross journey at the base of the throne in glory.

Jesus endured the cross agony because of the joy which was set before Him. We too endure the cross agony because of the joy awaiting us.

Can there be any other location that a Christian would seek to terminate life's sojourn but at the throne of God? Surely not. The throne of God is the apex of all geographies.

We do not deserve to bed down there. Yet Creator God has invited us there.

God, being a personal God, seeks friendships. The complete deity is not finally whole until He has a friend. That paradox works its way through to the eternities when Creator God discovers friendships in those who have traversed the Calvary road with Him.

In that eternity, there is no pain, cross bearing, injustice, spittle hanging from righteous faces. There is no whippings of the back and legs. There is no mockery, no crown of thorns. There is no spear thrust into a side and no taunting from the worldlings who simply want something to break their Friday boredoms.

In that eternity, there is only holiness, beatitude which emanates from the throne, goodness and kindness, gentleness and gratitude.

No matter how heavy the cross may be today, look ahead of you to see that awesome throne. It is already there. Just as the race has already been set for you, so the close of the race is already prepared for you. It is where God resides--the God who so loved the world that He gave Himself upon the tree to redeem your soul from hell.

We cannot fathom that love here and now. We will have forever to contemplate and enter into the love of loves which provided us with the rescue mission from hell. Therefore, whatever injustice you are dealing with now will be forgotten immediately as soon as you are invited to the throne.

Jesus kept the throne in front of Him. But not so much the throne as fellowship once again with the Father. You too do not really care about the throne as much as you do what the throne represents--fellowship with God Himself.

Jesus has instructed you not to look into the tomorrows with worry. But He has invited you to look into the future hope. That is your privilege because He has bought it with His blood spilt. Then receive His extended hand as He leads you onward. Endure the pain now; it will be the enjoyment of the throne then.