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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

This is one fantastic era for the truly biblical believers.

We stand out more than ever.

It used to be that all church folk were all logged as believers. If you went to the sanctuary you were “Christian.”

Of course, church going does make a soul right. It is only by Jesus accepting the repentant heart does one become His disciple. And that means a genuine conversion from darkness to light.

With today’s immorality accepted as legitimate, sincere biblical moralists are all the more visible. That’s the way it should be. That’s the picture we get of the New Testament Church. It could not hide. It was too obvious; therefore, it was blessed by God by “turning the world upside down.”

This is now the biblical believers’ chance to turn our world upside down for biblical truth. We stand out.

All the more that real Christians not dilute the gospel or hide under today’s politically correct screen. Real Christians need to be upfront in their scriptural convictions.

It is now the time for all Jesus people to wear proudly the name of the Savior and live according to His ethic. This is the age when mortals clothed in the power of the Holy Spirit truly make a vital difference.

Sometimes biblical believers complain that they are being attacked for their righteous stand. Instead of complaining they should rejoice that their righteous stand is noted now more than ever.

Why would the real Church want to remain muffled or sidelined when it can be recognized clearly for what it is? This is the era of recognition. It is the climate for in-the-open proclamation. That makes our age the terrific era.

All around us the apostate churches are closing their buildings. I just returned once again to the U.S. from Nova Scotia where the liberal church buildings are closing their doors.

In our village they are talking about taking closed church buildings and uprooting them into one location. There they will stand alongside one another as pretty gift shops.

I thought: Is this not the evident display of theological liberalism’s death certificate? Churches that are meant to proclaim salvation are now locked up, then moved geographically alongside the village river to serve as gift boutiques.

Jesus cast out the merchant sellers from the House of Prayer because they were desecrating it. But in our part of Canada these sanctuaries are turned back into the five-and-dime that Jesus lashed out against. Interesting, isn’t it?

For years these liberal churches said that all souls were on their way to heaven, that Jesus was not important, that a real-life conversion was fanaticism. So what good were these pulpits? What eternal significance did these anti-Bible preachers implant? None.

Therefore, all the more good that they go their death routes. Time that they close their front doors and scat.

But evangelicals did not have to see to it. These churches have brought tombstones to their doors by their own anti-God sermons, bureaucratic proclamations, and purposeful disdain for the biblical verities.

Consequently, if you are a biblical believer, claim this age for the gospel. Get to the reason for your being. It is to tell those about you that Jesus is Savior. He can be Lord of every repentant soul—now and forever.

This is the terrific time for the real Christian.