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Sunday, August 9, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

". . .the race that is set before us." Hebrews l2:l

In other words, we don't make our own maps. We don't chart our own journey. God does.

We have lost it to such an extent that most of our thinking is spent on preparing our own charts. We are so wound up in this project that we often claim all sorts of spiritual grandeur while in fact living the cheap grace life. It is appalling.

We claim God as Lord. We call Him Master. We refer to Jesus as being Savior and King. Then we go out of worship to claim our own futures. We do exactly what we want with our money, our connections, our bonanzas, our winnings and trophies.

How is all this contradiction to be tolerated?

It isn't to be tolerated. It is to be despised. Then despise your own hypocrisy, no matter how many others are into the same disease. Do not become comfortable with the great numbers who are into claiming one religious foundation with their lips while living out the practical egocentricity of their worldly ambitions.

Look clearly at who you are. See yourself honestly as God sees your self. Ask God to reveal truth to you; He will do just that if your prayer is sincere.

Then when you genuinely take stock of who you are and what you are doing with the resources heaven has provided you, you will realize that you have held too much onto the helm. You have clutched tenaciously to the controls. That simply cannot be permitted if you state that God is Lord of your being. It cannot be tolerated once you come upon the naked truth.

Therefore, let go of your claim upon the journey. You have nothing to say about it. You don't own it; you don't control it. It is but an illusion to conclude such. With one second's time, the project you claim to be under your sway can be wiped out. In many lives, it is wiped out every day.

Heaven's wisdom would then warn you that the race has already been set before you. All the coach then asks of you is to run it with patience, learning from the cross how to do that. That is all that you are asked to do. How simple then is your responsibility under God. How very, very plain and basic it is.

What a relief then to let go of your illusions of grandeur. You are not equipped to journey on your own course for there is no "your own course" to get hold of. It is but a mist of your imagination.

What a treasure of heart and head then to come upon the truth that the whole sojourn is put into path by Creator God alone. Then all you have to do is find His pace, get into it, and run with patience with His company enveloping you.

What a way to live!

Do it. Go for it. Live it. Now.