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Monday, August 17, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Thinking heads throughout the Republic are finally getting some headway, particularly regarding Obama’s Whack Non-Health Blanket.

Obama is pained due to recent right-thinking citizens howling loudly and long enough. Grassroots town halls have screeched at Congress. The mob hysteriacs who voted in a celebrity rather than a free enterprise, constitution-friendly statesman are losing ground.

As for Obama wanting a Canadian cloned health-blanket, Canada’s health care stinks. My cousin needed immediate spine care. His Halifax Nova Scotia doc was brusque, mean-hearted and just plain crude in his response to my relative’s plea.

The cousin ended up at Lahey Clinic, Burlington MA, for state-of-the-art surgery that responsibly corrected the problem. Thank you, America!

Obama would have wiped that out for a replica of Canada’s health-care wasteland.

There is no use getting starry-eyed over Canada’s socialized meds. It ain’t there except in the eyes of the blind.

Ask any Canadian needing serious care about “the list.” Those two words send shivers up and down every Canadian back. I know for I live part of each year in Canada.

Talking to a medical doctor relative recently, he told me about “the list.”

Citizens are put on “the list” for surgery. It is a waiting line that can go on for years. Yes, years. The doctor told me that he has gone into the hospital where he works, ready to do surgery, only to be told he may as well wait in the room down the hall because others have just been added to “the list.” They are of a more pressing priority than his patient.

There he waits, losing precious professional time. That happens all the time. His wife is a doctor. She told she endures the same. But it is the person in need of the doctor relatives’ immediate care who truly endures the tests of time and eternity.

A friend up the road from our Nova Scotian home was to have a pacemaker. She waited four years for that operation! Four years. In those four years she was always exhausted because her heart was not working correctly. The truth is that she could have died during that time.

There are many others who are now in the grave because their time had not come on “the list.”

Mob hysteriacs put Obama the Anti-America
President in control. But as we are now realizing, the hysteriacs, though many are still loyal space cadets in the brain space, are losing hold. The ground is slowly giving way to the brain alive citizens of this country.

As a Christian, I believe that what is happening right now is God inserting His powerplay into societal happenings for God has a vested interest in this particular country.

This is the only nation ever created by biblical believers seeking a land where they could worship Christ and live by the Bible.

Those founders prayed with their blood. Their petitions are still very much alive and well at heaven’s throne. With God, a thousand years is as a day and vice versa. Those prayers are before God as if they were prayed this morning.

Couple the founders’ prayers with the earnest biblical believers’ cries present-tense and you have a mighty call-out to the divine going on 24 / 7. God is responding to those sincere pleas.

We biblical Christians have just begun to witness the divine thrust retrieving our nation for its foundation’s sake.