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Thursday, August 13, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

The devil impregnates believers’ minds constantly with doubt.

God is not up to it. God is late. God doesn’t know yet. God is not all that mighty. God is not used to the present crisis.

These thoughts fly off and on through believers’ brains every waking hour, except for a few hiatus spiritual highs and in some souls’ case of maximum saintliness.

What American believers must do is to be aware of this devilment and cast it far into the sea.

To do that the Republic’s conservative biblical constituents must make certain that they have let loose totally into God. That means a complete surrender of money, sex, dreams, future, and so forth—everything.

Has God upheld His promises to date in the believers’ lives? Of course He has. Then trust that keeping into every tomorrow, none exempt.

Once this nation’s grassroots’ Christians genuinely yield their all to God, God will act in such splendor and completeness as to amaze our entire culture. The next astounding acts in human history will be performed, not by mortals’ ingenuity, but by God’s intervention.

The Christians’ surrender to God’s perfect scheme in matters global will enhance that intervention.

Satan would put a fog of fear over believers’ thought patterns so as to drag them through the day, hesitate due to faithlessness and prove a major hindrance to the Republic’s spiritual health.

That fog must be recognized. Then it must be negated outright. This must take place in every individual’s soul and in every truly biblical congregation as a church family.

When this takes place from coast to coast, the entire spiritual climate of America will change in gusto and holiness. Spiritual fires will ignite all over the place.

The secular sphere will take note. The lax believers will come to the fore. And our futures will be ignited with the heavenly power of Pentecost.

American conservatives: let loose totally into God. Do it. Now. Ask your family members to do just that. Ask your Bible classes to make such a conscious yielding to the eternal throne.

Each morning when Christians wake up, Satan comes to their first thoughts with their wondering if God is actually up to taking are of that day’s difficulties.

I recall a sign on the front entrance of the old farmhouse where we stayed as guests in North Ireland. It read: “Good Morning. Let the stress begin.”

Christians in this country awaken with that motto stretched across their brows, many of them not getting a full sleep the night prior.

Then they go through the next waking hours wondering when God’s energy is going to peter out. When is the weak deity going to show up as the real thing? Satan keeps pestering them every time a problem surfaces.

Christians must conclude once and for all that every difficulty has been handled by God before they were thought of. God indeed knows His own Word: “There is nothing new under the sun.”

Therefore, the next vital spiritual move in this nation is the banding of Christians alongside God in total trust. No more fretting that God cannot do the job. Instead, a letting loose into God as never before.