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Friday, August 28, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Barrack Hussein Obama told liberal Protestant and Jewish leaders that it’s time for America to “partner with God.”

He knows better than preach such a pulpit platitude to evangelicals. They know Obama’s definition of ‘god’ and it is not Jesus.

First, if Obama wants to partner with the biblical deity, he resigns his self-ownership for Jesus’ management.

Realizing Obama’s background in the heresy laden United Church of Christ—Congregational, that is not going to happen without an old fashioned personal conversion experience with the Spirit of Jesus. It would be a soul turn-around akin to Saul on the Road to Damascus.

Second, Obama’s hubris is in no mood per present indication in submitting to scriptural morality since his evil positions regarding same-gender ‘marriage’ and abortion slice through God’s declarations.

Third, Obama digs his own soul pit deeper by playing such religious pomposity while breathing the biblical deity’s air. Obama, like all other anti-God enthusiasts, never consider the Day of Reckoning when they must give an account of their earthly doings to none other than the Jesus they pierce.

Therefore, as Obama stood before clergy of the theological opposition, pronouncing sweet sentences sounding ever so righteous, he chalked up an increasingly sad rating in the heavenly register. Nevertheless, such is the option when operating on homo sapien’s free will express.

There will come the day and hour when the biblical deity will respond to the President’s total disregard for scriptural ethics. God’s patience far exceeds most of ours, that is for certain. However, there still comes the moment when anti-Christ mortals cross the divine line.

When that occurs, flee the wrath of deity for that is not up for debate.

Ask Ted Kennedy since breathing his last. I think as I type he might have an evangelistic message to speed deliver to Obama.

Then again. . .once crossing over, messages don’t usually deliver in reverse that efficiently.