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Thursday, August 27, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Sane people know for sure that this sphere is laden with crazy people and crazy situations.

Ted Kennedy is one of those personages and his passing is one of those situations.

This man endorsed killing womb babies. That’s a fact. Yet he is lauded as an outstanding statesman, even by some conservative journalists.

One becomes so utterly weary dealing daily with the nuthouse mortals throwing their power around that it becomes a numbing press upon the psyche. That in itself causes some of us moralists the leisure of simply overlooking for the umpteenth time the lunatic happenings that fill up our years here.

Kennedy was one of the countless persons championing slaying boys and girls inside female bodies.

I know that Barrack Hussein Obama is like unto Ted. So is Nancy Pelosi. And therefore the bloody list winds out into eternity.

But with all that as an hour-by-hour atrocity fact, moralists must once in awhile come back to the baseline which is to shout loudly that these creatures are bad. They are evil. They say that righteousness is wicked and wickedness is righteous.

Surely the Old Testament prophets came upon like weariness. I know that when I read Jeremiah and Isaiah chapter after chapter I myself wonder how they withstood the divinely appointed mission.

It is heavy enough just to read their lambasting Israeli fruitcakes who thought themselves god let alone have to minister to the devil bent year after year.

Is there any wonder that Jesus wearied having to minister to the numb in head who wore clergy garb in the name of Jehovah? Thank God Jesus had only three years of public ministry. With enemies attacking His every holy deed, three years certainly was enough.

Yes, He warned that as they hated Him, His grace children will always be despised. True. It is true.

That is why when liberals read this article they have fits. Their bodies twitch and their jaws drop to the dust. How can anyone type out a sentence stating that Ted Kennedy is a child slayer? How can any decent person even think of speaking such syllables when a man has just breathed his last?

Well, take it from me, it is indeed possible.

And not only possible but absolutely necessary in order to cleanse our thought patterns and speech cadences, let alone filter our souls of all that gradually attaches itself to up the mire.

Get this: Ted Kennedy represents one of the most devilish categories of homo sapiens inhabiting God’s Earth because, for one, he could not say and do enough to increase the number of slaughtered womb children.