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Saturday, March 7, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

B. Hussein now opens wide human stem cell research equaling killing mortals.

This is not surprising. B. Hussein, Marxist Muslim, is all into death agendas, typical of Dems endorsing death to right and left.

With this B. Hussein move, he will have broadened his death robe sweep from applauding killing womb babies. Read MUSLIM B. HUSSEIN CONTINUES BABY MURDER MACHINE at

He will have extended death via AIDS/HIV due to his enthusiasm for active homosexuality, the latter mushrooming a buffet selection of sexually transmitted diseases. Read OBAMA’S ‘CHRISTIAN ETHOS’ SUPPORTS HOMOSEXUAL ‘MARRIAGE’ at

B. Hussein endorses ridding the Republic of the Christian ethic by elevating atheists to the Christian regard, doing same in his inauguration address. It is death to biblical morality. Read CHRISTIAN GOVERNMENT IS CHRIST, NOT B. HUSSEIN at

He is erasing America’s Christian heritage by submerging it in favor of present-tense accent on all religions meshed as one.

B. Hussein furthers death to pro-life hospitals and personnel by forcing on them the abortion trade. Many responded by saying they will resort to civil disobedience rather than kill womb defenseless children. Read BABY KILLER B. HUSSEIN BUCKS PRO-LIFERS WILLING TO GO TO PRISON at

B. Hussein brings death to freedom of speech with his claim for “diversity” in broadcasting. That means Xing out conservative programming that does not meet B. Hussein’s definition of being in the “public interest.” Read FCC CHM VS FREE SPEECH WITH ‘DIVERSITY’ MANTRA at

Death death death is the litany of Dem politics and now personified in the death agent sitting in the Oval Office.

As death reigns throughout his policies, he and his fellows party on nightly in the White House. It is their celebrating America’s funeral. Read “White House nightlife under investigation” at

Parties are lavish, per taxpayers’ moneys. They go after midnight and cannot be predictable regarding proprieties. Michelle warned those attending not to destroy White House property.

As to human stem cell research, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, states: “Taxpayers should not have to foot the bill for experiments that require the destruction of human life. President Obama's policy change is especially troubling given the significant adult stem cell advances that are being used to treat patients now without harming or destroying human embryos.”

Read “Stem-cell policy change liberating to researchers” at