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Monday, March 2, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Jesus states: “I am the light of the world.” (John 9:5)

That light outshines Iran’s and North Korea’s. It outshines Allah’s.

That light is so penetrating that it keeps the planet spinning on its axis though there already are enough nuclear pops to extinguish Earth.

That light will never lose its power to brighten every corner deity wills, to convert every soul repenting, to encourage every heart searching for hope.

That light is taken for granted by the human race. Yet it continues to glow due to God’s “common grace,” as the theologians call it.

Common grace is that divine favor granted every mortal, whether believing or not. It is that grace that spins out civility in an otherwise barbaric sphere.

Without common grace, our globe would be hell. With common grace, we still have the glimmer of Eden.

It is that light that keeps common grace existent, even though most humans have never thought of such grace or cared to know its definition.

That light will continue to show the way to the righteous, though threats will mount and demons will crawl. It will stay the course because that light is given to the creative purpose. It is at the core of God’s being.

When Jesus announced Himself to be the light, He meant it. Jesus spoke divine revelation—everlastingly true. Jesus was not sharing poetry. He was not into fanciful New Age verbal schemes.

Jesus speaks science when He states Himself as the light of the world. He speaks philosophy and politic. He speaks social base and environmental postulate.

Therefore, no matter how mangled the planet appears to be at times, Jesus will never forsake His planet—Earth. Jesus will shine and shine evermore.

Jesus will direct His beam upon His grace children so as to guide them, provide for them and spill out fresh wisdom upon their weary brains.

Jesus will shine His rays so penetratingly that His own will find nooks and crannies where they never explored prior.

Jesus will provide the light through canals and waterways, over peaks and under bridges, above the skyways and into ravines. That light will open up money doors. It will heal diseases. It will redeem wretched spoiled lives.

Jesus’ followers need to rely more upon His light and quit complaining about their lot. They need to testify to His morning shine, afternoon shine and evening shine. They need to witness to His lighting up the night.

Jesus’ children are too often given to the same whining as the worldly deaf and blind. It should never be. Jesus’ family should be lifting high the light claim, calling others to its beams for their own salvation come-upon.

The hope this world has is that Jesus made clear that it is He who is the light, none other. It is the same always, no matter the morning news. It will always be.