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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe is on to B. Hussein’s anti-biblical nerve.

That is why Inhofe in a floor speech expressed his anxiety about possible laws controlling broadcasting.

The Senate put down the Fairness Doctrine. However, at the same time it put up the need for “diversity,” per AP.

The Senate has installed an amendment “saying federal regulators should promote diversity in media ownership and ensure that broadcasts operate in the public interest.”

When religious broadcasters speak Scripture and defend biblical doctrine and practice, in what way will that have to be balanced with anti-biblical morals?

In what way will evangelical communicators be faced with lawsuits saying that they have stepped over the line in favor of ethic baselines that liberals don’t believe are in the “public interest”?

The Senator is quite anxious. He has the right to be. Every biblical believer throughout America should be as well for our religious freedom of expression is at stake.

One cannot underestimate the anti-Christian bias B. Hussein and colleagues hold. B. Hussein, Marxist Muslim, claims the word “Christian.” He is, however, opposed to biblical moral baselines such as his endorsing abortion and sodomy.

Therefore, give B. Hussein time and he will see to it that biblical preaching and teaching is erased from communication frequencies throughout the Republic.

With that, the nation will forsake its biblical heritage by default, that is, as far as widespread broadcasting that is now in place and well appreciated by biblical disciples.

“A Republican senator says conservative and Christian broadcasters could still be threatened by proposed broadcast regulations.

“Inhofe warned (that) vague standards could be used by opponents of Christian stations' religious message or stands on moral and political issues.

“The Oklahoma senator said, ‘The chilling effect that the mere threat of a lawsuit will have on religious broadcasters could be substantial.’”

The war between right and wrong continues. Basically what is happening today in the United States is a spiritual battle between God and Satan.

It is sad that in most cases the Oval Office and Dem controlled Congress are on the dark side.