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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

God has a say in what goes in America.

This is a nation with the Christian backdrop. It also has the intercessions of our pilgrim mothers and fathers still before the heavenly throne. They count with God.

Further, there is the righteous remnant hard at prayer and living the life of holiness throughout this country. That remnant reads and lives out the Bible. It believes in the might of prayer. It worships faithfully. It witnesses to Christ as Savior.

God will not allow these components to go unnoticed. Instead, God will honor these garrisons by overthrowing enemies of right living.

The promise for all of this is in His divine Word. It is repeated over and over again. One of the most salient passages is Psalm 28:

“Do not take me away with the wicked and with the workers of iniquity who speak peace to their neighbors, but evil [is] in their hearts.

“Give them according to their deeds, and according to the wickedness of their endeavors; give them according to the work of their hands; render to them what they deserve.

“Because they do not regard the works of the LORD nor the operation of His hands, He shall destroy them and not build them up.

“Blessed [be] the LORD, because He has heard the voice of my supplications! The LORD [is] my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in Him, and I am helped; therefore my heart greatly rejoices and with my song I will praise Him.”

The Word states that God will destroy the wicked. Review past annals to find it so. The enemies of God boasted. They strutted across history’s pages. They despised Him and His truths. They pronounced themselves gods.

The same takes place via B. Hussein Obama in the White House. His cadre works night and day to enforce such evil as abortion increase, cutting through pro-life health centers and employees and furthering pro-homosexual lifestyles.

We have in power right now one of the arch-theological liberals acting as if he is deity. His pride is immense. He proclaims, “I won.” And in that twosome he means that he is going to instigate his left-of-left anti-God programs.

However his day will come when God will destroy him and his hubris. His colleagues likewise will come to ruin. Truth will out. The wicked do not control forever. They do have their demise.

The same with B. Hussein. He will have his finish and God knows now that day and that hour.

“He shall destroy them and not build them up.”

In the meantime, the righteous wait upon the Lord. They keep the faith strong. They believe that the God of history will plant His judgment in the evil cauldrons so as to squash their every scent.