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Thursday, January 29, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

It’s the United States that is at fault—once again.

That’s the tidings B. Hussein Obama now dove mails to Muslims worldwide.

Here is what he said: “We sometimes make mistakes; we have not been perfect.” His audience? Muslims.

With that, are we to assume that the Muslims have been beaten up by a mean and nasty America that has prided itself on being perfect while the downtrodden Muslims have been demoralized by such haughty stance? Apparently, per B. Hussein

B. Hussein hastily is trying in his first days to establish camaraderie with Muslim grassroots and leaders. In his unabashed try out, he’s said that the United States has been too brattish in being “dictatorial” toward Islamics.

We have been proud in thinking we are without fault, he confesses.

We are brassy in tabulating Muslim carnage for past centuries, he implies.

We should have put a silencer on all that data to call it okay.

Now it is time to love and be loved.

B. Hussein says he is going to become buddies with Iranian thug president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He’s sweet talking the murderer as I type.

At the same time, B. Hussein appeals to Muslims to realize B. Hussein is no stranger to Isalmic this and that. After all, his background is laden with Muslim nuances, geographies and relatives. Why, he even used his middle name in his swearing in ceremony at the inauguration.

During the campaign, it was considered impolite and politically incorrect to speak of B. Hussein’s middle name or his Muslim ancestors or his Islamic alliances. Now he is bragging on all that in an attempt to appear humbled before his Muslim audience. After all, he is one of them, just as many of us have stated for months on end.

During his campaign it was only his supposed “Christian” church membership that was to be touted. Countless considered that a cover up for his Muslim commitment. We knew him to be more consecrated to Allah than Christ. After all, how could a Christ disciple endorse the anti-Christ positions B. Hussein has supported as left-of-left Congressman?

Now B. Hussein considers it quite appropriate to advertise his Muslim embraces over time while at the same time cutting through genuinely biblical moral ethics, thus revealing his hypocrisy at being any sort of sincere “Christian.” How could B. Hussein have been more aggressive than in his hasty anti-Christ sign-ons to abortion and sodomy?

Therefore, in setting out to destroy America, mask Muslim B. Hussein wastes no time in testifying to Muslims that the United States has not been perfect, must speak forthrightly of its failings and henceforth is going to be servant to countries awaiting our community build.

All that is code language to Hamas, Iran, Egypt, Syria and any other Islamic World Rule collective that B. Hussein is no President of the United States of America. Instead, he is brother Muslim quickly wiping out whatever is strong and enduring in this country.