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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

B. Hussein Obama makes himself appear “transparent” with a “transparent” rule.

However, as those who knew during his campaign, he is anything but transparent. He is most guarded and has all sorts of blockades covering him from public actual view.

Now transparency obviously is missing from his communication with media. The transcripts of daily press briefings are not there. They simply are absent. They don’t exist, though during the George S. Bush administration they were always there. The press could count on that connection. Not so with cover-your-backside B. Hussein.

This is what is to be expected of the double tongued B. Hussein who promised the “greatest ethical standard ever administered to an executive branch” per The Weekly Standard.

Many of us consider B. Hussein to be a master lying machine. Therefore, transparency he is not. We cannot locate his actual birth certificate. We cannot get him to admit his pallish ties with Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan as well as the cultic impress of Jeremiah Wright on his brain cells.

His ties with Kenyan cousin Muslim radical who wanted to be President there are still masked over. Using the Protestant church membership as a cover up for his Muslim allegiance is well known among those who are not part of the mob hysterics.

Now B. Hussein has hand picked press corps persons who will be permitted to ask him questions. All others are but stooges—mannequins for show.

With that, media has no daily briefing manuscripts. Disappear they do.

“In contrast, the Bush White House provided a transcript of every daily briefing, searchable and accessible in its own section on their web site. The archive, available via the Wayback Machine but not on the new, started Jan. 24, 2001. The Clinton White House also provided transcripts of the briefing, according to archives, at least as early as 1999.”

This is obviously a showing of the insecurity that indwells B. Hussein’s steely persona. He is not all there, in other words. Well, how could he be when he has sliced his innards into multiple compartments by which to get where he is?

He has played gospel concert organizer. He has testified to having an altar experience in his Chicago church. He has locked arms with evangelicals such as Rick Warren.

He has at the same time scheduled the homosexual bishop from New Hampshire to headlight his Lincoln Memorial event. And in addition to that, he has bedded down with Planned Parenthood.

Now what kind of personality of sound mental health could compartmentalize such and still be transparent?

Not B. Hussein, that’s for sure. And it’s showing in detail such as the missing transcripts for newsfeeds.

And so it goes.

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