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Thursday, January 29, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

There are those in Wasilla who conclude that someone from outside the town came to town to kill someone or someones.

Locals say that the biblical convictions of that congregation riled up someone to kill those who attend.

The church without apology preaches biblical morality. That is what Sarah Palin and family hold to. It is the traditional belief that the Bible is God’s Word, Christ is personal Savior and salvation is by way of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

The church preaches being born again, living the Christian life according to the Bible, and having daily devotions in order to keep a fresh fellowship with God.

This evangelical mooring is what makes the congregation opposed by theological liberals who despise such an ethical base. Liberals hold to moral relativism and situation ethics, that is, the situation defines the ethics. There are no absolutes.

Locals report that an arson tried to burn down the church with parishioners inside it at the time. Also, wires to telephones, fire alarms and connections to water sprinklers were cut through at the time. Those speaking to reporters say that if it were anyone local who tried to bring carnage, locals would know who it is.

That person would have been identified soon after the fire. But no such consequence has occurred. Therefore, the speculation is that an individual outside Wasilla came to town, spooked the building and plotted murder.

Sarah Palin is going forward with her own PAC website. She will speak with B. Hussein Obama shortly. They will address an exclusive audience without media present. It will be a lighthearted exchange.

For Sarah Palin to make public her intentions for 2012 speaks courageously of her will to proceed. Apparently her family agrees with her plans.

Sarah Palin’s site states:

“SarahPAC believes America's best days are ahead. Our country, founded on conservative principles and the fight for freedom, must confront the challenges of the 21st century with integrity, innovation, and determination.

“SarahPAC believes energy independence is a cornerstone of the economic security and progress that every American family wants and deserves.

“SarahPAC believes the Republican Party is at the threshold of an historic renaissance that will build a better future for all. Health care, education, and reform of government are among our key goals.”

Conservatives throughout America are most pleased to know that Sarah Palin has not folded up her abilities. Instead, she is most likely to follow her lead all the way to the White House in four quick years.