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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Per AP, US envoy George Mitchell just left talks with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo.

At the same time, Gaza-Egypt tunnels were still active as Muslims smuggled munitions through to their counterparts in Gaza with the express purpose of wiping Israel off the map.

That means that Israel must continue to pound Gaza tunnels “in retaliation for a Palestinian bombing that killed a soldier.”

Mitchell knows about the tunnels. They are there. They need to be clogged. That would stop the munition flow.

Then did Mitchell inform Egyptian President that what America expects for the Middle East peace start-up is for those tunnels to become inactive?

“As the Israeli Cabinet met to consider how far to go in its response to Tuesday's bombing, U.S. envoy George Mitchell said it was ‘critical’ that the cease-fire be extended and consolidated.”

It gets so sickening to read newsfeed accounts that lecture Israel on what to do. Israel is not the problem. Israel is a nation the size of New Jersey that has to protect its existence. Muslim torturers want to slice Israel from view.

Therefore, Mitchell needs to tell Egypt and other surrounding Islamic despots that Israel is okay. It is the Muslim maimers and murderers who must be stopped in their tracks.

Mitchell also needs to go to Israel to support the officialdom it its press for safety.

"’The United States is committed to vigorously pursuing lasting peace and stability in the region,’ Mitchell said.”

Then if that is the case, begin with “vigorously pursuing lasting peace and stability” by demanding Muslim guns gummed up and rockets crushed into the earth.

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