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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Once again, Jimmy Carter gives forth with blind retinas.

“’Perhaps most important, there is an overwhelming common desire for peaceful and prosperous lives among the citizens of Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt,’” he said per

An “’. . .overwhelming common desire for peaceful and prosperous lives. . .’”?

If this is fact, as Carter says with utmost conviction, then why does Egypt keep its underground tunnels unclogged so that munition can be smuggled through to Gaza? These munitions are used to kill Jews in Israel and wherever.

If this is true, as Carter states emphatically, then why do not the Muslims in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt specifically gather together to inform their Allah devotees that it is not nice to murder and maim non-Muslims?

If this “’. . .overwhelming. . .’” drive is a resource for tranquilly in the Middle East, then why is it that the worldwide Muslim population continues its calculated, traditional silence in the face of Muslim slayers slaying still?

If Carter’s wisdom is to be taken seriously, why then do not Muslim diplomats from every Islamic nation quote peace passages from the Koran to convince the “religion of peace” that its apostates are against Allah? Of course, it would be most difficult to locate such peace passages in the Koran. Maybe that is why Muslim diplomats cannot activate the above.

Further, if Carter’s proposal is right on, why does The Brotherhood in Egypt, for instance, still have full sway to advocate Islam World Rule, Egyptian despots permitting their schemes to blossom all the while?

In other words, Carter once again is at his worn litany of granting peace motives to Muslims generic instead of exposing the “religion of peace” as a slaying cult headed by a demonic deity.

It is so very disappointing to have a Baptist Carter give forth with such rubbish.

This Baptist has disappointed genuine biblical believers to the nth degree. Just as Baptist Clinton has done so. Just as Methodist Bush has done so. All these personages have stated that they are Bible bound, while in reality, they have supported positions directly anti-Bible.

Carter and Clinton have witnessed to being the typical Southern Baptists—born again, Bible-believing, and all the rest—while supporting slicing womb babies. Now even the non-believing know that that is a direct contradiction in morals.

Then we have Mr. Bush who placed the Koran in the White House library—for the first time. Moreover, he told a Muslim diplomat on US soil that there are many paths to deity.

All the while biblical believers actually took Bush at his word when he said that he understood the Bible, read it daily, and followed its precepts to the letter. Not so, Mr. Bush, not so. And now we know.

Anyhow, tragically Carter, Clinton, and Mr. Bush have forsaken the biblical believers on several chief points.

But what this is all about at the moment is the Carter continuance. Carter keeps on keeping on with his kissing up to Muslims. This has just got to stop.

But then again, if the past is any prophetic preview of Carter’s future, don’t count on it.

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