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Thursday, February 18, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

The Tea Party Nation represents healthy-raw, committed patriotism. What a breath of fresh air.

So the Reps had better keep their mitts off the Nation. Let the Nation form itself according to its own basic moorings. Trust the formation.

America is hungry for true-blue citizens who don’t give a rip about political correctness, personal opportunism or blowing steamy air.

Tea Party enthusiasts are the down the block Americans who have had it with Marxist Muslim Barack Hussein Obama and like clones hatched to his right and left. They cannot stomach Obama’s shadow government. They are ready to ax the pro-Islamic czars.

Would not thinking, righteously angry, flag-waving human beings want to turn upside down the damnable bunk load in DC? And so they are doing it. Then Reps had better let them carry on!

Therefore, today’s reality teaching that reveals Reps splicing and dicing for their own posterior protection, thus betraying common sense grassroots, means Tea baggers had better keep trucking down the right trail.

And they are on the right trail. They know it. Their heads think it. Their hearts beat it. Their souls confirm it.

That’s saying a lot more for the so-called common men and women than many Reps straddling fences looking out for themselves. Enough straddling in the name of “Republican.”

Isn’t it thrilling to see these Tea Bag zealots lifting loftily the virtues America was known for decades ago? These are the ethics that have been swept away by Obama leftists beheading the country. These are the absolutes debunked even by some chancey Reps.

What Reps need to do is go to the Tea Bag committed, ask them how they do it, what they have faith in, and then side up to their genuine postulates.

Everybody is saying the Reps don’t have a common base, a moral foundation, a solid ethical contract. There’s wishy-washy this and wishy-washy that.

So if that is true, Reps need to learn virtuous catechism from the Tea Bag Nation. The baggers know what that’s all about and are living it.

In short, Reps need to be humble enough to learn how to be red-white-and-blue Americans once again—surrendered to what made us great and sound.