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Monday, February 15, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

I scared NazNet. NazNet shut me down so that I cannot access NazNet via my server.

Why did NazNet shut me out?


NazNet has got by with deceit for so long that NazNet’s founder Dave McClung and staffers Scott Cundiff and Hans Deventer along with former staffer Barbara Moulton thought their lie-trail could go on forever.

It has not. Their trail has been exposed as heretical. NAZNET DISTORTS at has set forth in detail the outrageous anti-Bible claims on NazNet.

That scares McClung in particular. He has ingratiated himself as a politician among ecclesiastical politicians throughout the Church of the Nazarene. He is also wealthy as a businessman. McClung believed that he then could get by with his heretical web site without discipline.

In truth, McClung as a cyberspace Pied Piper was creating an Internet “church” in competition with the Church of the Nazarene. That gave McClung some sort of jollies kick, evidently.

However, I am not a part of any political network in the denomination. I don’t believe in that kind of egocentric opportunism for it opposes the Christian ethic.

Therefore, I exposed heresies on NazNet and so cut through the NazNet heretical deceit trail.

For instance, NAZNET DISTORTS reports on such NazNet heresies as these:

The unsaved do not go to hell when they die. They are annihilated. A loving God would not permit eternal punishment for the damned though Jesus stated such. This is per Hans Deventer in particular. Cundiff agrees.

The unsaved go into an “intermediate state,” the details not defined on NazNet but defended by moderator Hans Deventer. Question: how does an intermediate state, such as believed by Roman Catholics, mesh with Dementer’s annihilation of the wicked at death?

Deventer is a master at such contradictions. They do not bother him. He spins contradictions on one point on NazNet and then spins others elsewhere on the web site. That is no problem to Deventer as he cavalierly weaves his so-called theological yarns as biblical truth.

Further heresies: The souls of all mortals hopefully will go to heaven, none going to hell. Deventer says that he hopes God believes in universal salvation, that is, that all souls end up in eternal bliss, none excepted. That is nowhere found in the Bible; however, Deventer created his own doctrines contrary to the Word of God.

Again, how does universal salvation mesh with an intermediate state upon death and the annihilation of the wicked? Obviously, none of this poses problematic to Deventer, the end-of-the-line when it comes to theological certainty.

More heresies: The Bible is fallible. It has mistakes in it. It has errors throughout its pages. Deventer states boldly that he does not believe the Bible, except for Jesus passages that provide salvation. In other words, Deventer wants heaven when he dies and so he wants Jesus as Savior; all else can be dismissed.

Regarding suspicions about the Bible, who can believe in a literal flood in Noah’s day in which scores of humans were drowned under the directive of God? What kind of loving God could see that through?

Further, who can have faith in a believable God instructing Israelites to wipe out pagan peoples? That must not be accepted as historical. Therefore, it must be folklore.

Cundiff accents especially that the more one researches Scripture, the less one knows anything about God. So don’t study the Bible over a lifetime for it will lead you to a fading God. Deventer concurs.

The more one reads on NazNet the dictates of Deventer and Cundiff, the more one realizes they are more Unitarian than Nazarene. McClung counters none of this theological liberalism on his own site.

NazNet moderator Deventer also champions infant baptism throughout the Church of the Nazarene. Nowhere in the Bible is an infant baptized; yet Deventer presses for it to be embraced globally.

The emergent church’s infantile glob with no moral absolutes believed in is enthusiastically embraced by NazNet moderators Deventer and Cundiff, thereby countenanced by founder McClung.

For more heresies, click onto NAZNET DISTORTS at

NazNet does not want any more heresies uncovered. Therefore, NazNet is afraid of me and my truth-telling. Consequently, my server has been shut down from a bridge build to NazNet, as if I cannot get access elsewhere.

The bottom line is evident: NazNet is frightened of my truthful investigative quest to expose NazNet as a prime enemy to the Church of the Nazarene. McClung states his site as a “friend” to the Nazarenes; but the facts prove otherwise.

I have stayed true to the facts on NazNet. I have cut through NazNet’s deceit. NazNet cannot tolerate any further exposures and therefore, playing the coward, NazNet has shut me out.

NazNet is afraid of me.

But it won’t work. I will continue to investigate and report the truth.