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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

That’s correct.

NazNet moderator Hans Deventer’s district superintendent in the Netherlands will dialogue with Deventer regarding serious issues conveyed to the boss.

It is about time that this avant-garde non-Nazarene Nazarene, more like unto Unitarian, is confronted with his apostasy posted on the supposed “Nazarene friendly” NazNet founded by supposed “Nazarene friendly” Dave McClung.

Neither Deventer nor McClug are in fact doctrinal companions to the holiness denomination. Instead, they tolerate heresies posted daily.

How do they get by this?

Deventer no doubt has a track record of ten years-plus with NazNet, such time frame making him feel quite comfortable in spewing forth anti-Bible “stuff” from right to left.

McClung is a cozy political crony with scores of high-powered personages in the denomination over years. He also has money, being a wealthy businessman.

However, a third heresy push elitist, Alvin Texas Nazarene Pastor Scott Cundiff, has now been exposed as denomination-loyalist at home base small church but high-powered theological renegade as NazNet moderator.

Now his little flock knows about his double life. His South Texas District leadership knows as well. The Nazarene General Superintendents, Kansas City, Missouri, likewise have been informed.

Finally, truth is getting out regarding the apostasy rampant on NazNet, let loose over years with young posters in particular being sucked into this leftist anti-Scripture profile.

As one NazNet reader emailed me, when analyzing the site’s bowing and scraping to anti-Bible theses, the diabolical data “cuts like a knife.”


To think that the denomination begun in 1908 in Pilot Point, Texas, has sludged into such doctrinal depths is horrific. God, however, being the Omega as well as Alpha, will bring His final say to the wayward site.

McClung, Deventer, and Cundiff in particular will answer severely before the Judgment Seat.