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Thursday, February 18, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

When Barack Hussein Obama does not know what to do about a matter, he calls for a commission to gather.

What does that mean? Nothing but wasted time and cost. Does he actually believe America is so stupid as not to get it? Yes, he actually believes America is so stupid as not to get it.

Obama has never really held an actual job where he had to appear year-round at work at 9 in the morning.

He has floated through time as a dust feather.

Obama does not know how to figure out his own life let alone the government of the United States.

Now he has maxed out America’s funds so that the nation is imploding one piece at a time. Before the entire country disappears, Obama calls a commission to diagnose federal government overspending’s problem.

Those of us who still pay our bills on time know that if we overspend we pay a penalty. We don’t call a clan meeting. In fact, we may be embarrassed to call a clan meeting.

If we are not frugal, we learn how to be. In that, we tighten up. We cut out some frills. We get back to basics.

Obama does not seem to know that that works for the federal government as well. He needs to do the obvious; however, since Obama does not know how to do that he calls a commission.

Its assignment is to figure out what to do about the federal government’s overspending.

It is time to kick out the White House fraud to start all over, not to mention his clones in Congress.