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Saturday, February 20, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Many within the Church of the Nazarene have not been aware of NazNet heresies on founder Dave McClung’s web site. This site says it is a “friend” to the denomination, though it is a prime enemy to Nazarene theology and practice.

Now Nazarene leaders have been informed concerning the NazNet undermining.

The Church of the Nazarene Board of General Superintendents, General Secretary and Department Heads have received the data.

The Nazarene Theological Seminary, Kansas
City, Missouri, administration and staff likewise have specifics concerning the site’s blatant posts advocating, for instance, the annihilation of unsaved souls at death.

These posts state there is no eternal damnation for the unsaved; instead, there is universal salvation. In other words, all souls go to heaven though the Bible warns just the opposite.

So have the Nazarene Bible College, Colorado Springs, Colorado, administration and faculty now been informed of numerous anti-Bible posts debunking faith in the Scripture as the Word of God. NazNet is openly suspicious of holy writ, concluding one’s doubt is a virtue rather than total faith in divine revelation.

Numerous Nazarene District Superintendents received explicit detail relating NazNet statements advocating, for example, that upon death souls go to an “intermediate state.” The Church of the Nazarene has never preached such a Catholic teaching. Yet that is posted on NazNet.

Apparently countless Nazarenes have believed NazNet’s byline that it is cordial to the holiness church. It is not. Instead, McClung and moderators have taken advantage of the Nazarene’s trust in order to propagate anti-Bible inroads.

Now Nazarene leaders and academicians know that NazNet cannot be blindly accepted as a companion to the church. McClung, having built up a personal trust politically and socially within the denomination, has done the church a grave disfavor. He has misused his relationships within the Church of the Nazarene.

McClung should have expunged these heresies a long time ago. He should have appointed only moderators who were biblically faithful in agreement with the Wesleyan holiness doctrines.

In that, McClung has failed miserably. And now we have in these confused times a site that undermines the very fundamentals upon which the Church of the Nazarene was built upon since its inception in 1908.

One of the most blatant intrusions focuses on Alvin Texas Church of the Nazarene Pastor Scott Cundiff. On his church’s web site he makes his pastorate appear as a congregation in tune with the “classic southern gospel style.”

Nazarenes reading that would assume that Cundiff’s preaching and teaching are loyal to the traditional Nazarene understanding of Wesleyan theology.

However, when moderator on NazNet, Cundiff changes from Alvin Texas web site Nazarene loyalist to cavalier theological liberal.

He is one of the most adamant in posting suspicions concerning the Bible as God’s infallible Word. He does not trust the Scriptures to be without error. In fact, he holds that the more one reads the error-prone Word, the less one knows God.

This is heresy. It is blasphemy.