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Monday, February 8, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Dave McClung: Why do you permit this heresy on your NazNet site? You are ultimately responsible for this kind of anti-Bible detail appearing.

NazNet Moderator Hans Deventer states: “So I don't believe in the Bible, I believe in the God to Whom the Bible testifies. A subtle, but crucial difference.

“The witness is trustworthy to bring us to Christ (John 20:31). It can be trusted to do so. And that is its sole purpose, and the only one in which it is and needs to be inerrant.”

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This is the site that claims to be a “friend” to the holiness Church of the Nazarene.

Yet a site Moderator Deventer states outright that he does not believe in the Bible. Is that helping the denomination? Does that help anyone questing for divine truth? Does that uphold divine revelation of Scripture?


If one does not by faith accept the Bible as divine revelation, how in the name of reason can one have faith in the data relating to Christ? There is no reason why that data should not be suspect.

Missionary to Africa Albert Schweitzer read the data and concluded that Christ was not God. Schweitzer set his thesis forth in “The Quest of the Historical Jesus.”

In that dissertation he said he believed Christ to be a disillusioned young male Jew who held that by dying a violent death He would usher in the kingdom of God.

One must come to the Bible in faith believing it to be the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation. Otherwise, a person can pull one suspect thread after another from the revelation to conclude in nothing. The Unitarians do that all the time.

Therefore, Deventer and other theological liberals on NazNet do no favor for God and the Bible by printing their agnosticism, particularly for young posters to digest it. Deventer is no Christian mentor for posters; he is an enemy to divine truth.

Why then does NazNet Founder Dave McClung and fellow Moderator Scott Cundiff permit Deventer such prime place on NazNet? The buck stops especially at McClung’s desk. He is lax. He is wrong. And he will answer for this at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

Of course, one wonders if the three even believe in the Judgment Seat of Christ, their biblical suspicions running wild throughout the site.

For those interested in believing the Old and New Testament God to be the same merciful and just deity, read YES, YOU CAN BELIEVE IN THE OLD TESTAMENT GOD at