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Saturday, February 13, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

NazNet Founder Dave McClung states this on his site: “The only goal I have ever had for NazNet is to build community.”

As I reread that one sentence, I could not help but wonder who this double-speak McClung really is?

He has come across as a sweet gentleman who loves people and wants to help them. However, now that he has set up his web site, he has come across as a major disaster area.

McClung’s site, advertised as a “friend” to the Church of the Nazarene, is anything but. The Church of the Nazarene, birthdated in 1908 in Pilot Point, Texas, has preached biblical holiness.

It is in the Wesleyan theology tradition. The church has brought countless souls to Christ as Savior and Sanctifier.

The Church of the Nazarene has a heritage of teaching biblical truth without compromise or apology. Its educational institutions have brought the denomination in a high level of academic recognition.

I for one graduated from Eastern Nazarene College, then was immediately accepted into Harvard Divinity School. That small Nazarene college in Quincy, Massachusetts, had an outstanding academic standing with Harvard.

But now this church is under attack from one who claims that all he has wanted to do is create community, specifically within the Church of the Nazarene.

How can one acknowledge this while reading on McClung site’s his staffers championing outright heresies?

For instance, NazNet sets forth that there is no
eternal hell for the unsaved. Hans Deventer aggressively, repeatedly leads the march on that one.

That kind of carnage on NazNet does not create biblical community; it fosters confusion and dissension. It can even lead theological novices into blatant untruths. For that, Deventer will answer at the Judgment Seat of Christ; however, reading Deventer on the site makes one wonder if he actually believes in a Judgment Seat of Christ.

Further, NazNet proclaims that the Bible is not to be believed from cover to cover. Hans Deventer and Scott Cundiff endorse this heresy with gusto. Flippantly they dismiss the Word of God is grossly suspect. They apparently have no qualms about scuh blasphemy.

Surely McClung knows of these two staffers cutting through Scripture with their coy suspicions. Further, when Deventer and Cundiff post these suspicions, posters are persuaded to follow their doubts. That is apparent in the comments following. Not all, but even one led astray is one too many for a site that is supposed to be a “friend” to a holiness church.


Deventer states that he does not believe the Bible except the part about Christ as Savior. That unreasonable approach to scriptural study is so exegetically moronic that it does not deserve retort.

However, Deventer and Cudiff cavalierly delight in picking and choosing what biblical passages they believe deserve acceptance and which ones are to be discarded. Such hubris.

McClung knows of this. McClung does nothing about it. McClung thereby does not build community. He implodes it.

Read NAZNET DISTORTS for numerous other intrusions on biblical truth. Conclude for yourself whether or not McClung is the kind, gentlemanly Christian he poses for others to believe him to be.

The fact is that he is just the opposite. In these confused theological times the last person a holiness denomination needs is a splinter fitter named Dave McClung.