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Saturday, February 13, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

NazNet Moderator Scott Cundiff hides his disbelief in the Bible when presenting himself as a Church of the Nazarene pastor in Texas.

Check it out here:

Cundiff and wife are pictured as a sweet couple furthering the gospel message. In fact, that is exactly what Cundiff states. One would think that he is an old-fashioned Nazarene loyalist preaching scriptural truth. In other words, Cundiff fits right in with the Bible belt where he ministers.

He describes himself as a hard-working local pastor and web site master. He states he’s on NazNet staff. And so forth.

Cundiff invites readers to click on to his daily devotions. His site is chummy enough to ask friends to view his clan’s photo album. He describes his ministry as in the “classic gospel southern style.”

However, there is no inkling on his church’s site that Cundiff does not believe in the Bible.

Yet Cundiff has severe suspicions about the reliability of the Scriptures. He really does not accept the Bible as trustworthy; in fact, the more one researches the Word, the less one knows God. That’s Cundiff’s final conclusion on studying the Book.

However, no hint of that agnosticism is on Cundiff’s Texas church site. None.

Cundiff on NazNet encourages readers to fall right in line with those suspicious of biblical detail. He chooses what he wants from the Bible; he discards what he considers not palatable.

In that, Cundiff is a cohort with NazNet staffer Hans Deventer. Further, Cundiff is theological companion to NazNet Founder Dave McClung. In reality, these three plant repeated blatant suspicions regarding Scripture, thus undercutting the faith in the Christian’s holy writ.

Cundiff poses as a kind local pastor and web site connoisseur while at the same time slicing and dicing the very God he claims to defend. In other words, Cundiff does not tell the truth; he lies. He does lie. There is no kinder way to state it but that Cundiff lies.

He witnesses on his pastoral site to being a trustworthy biblical preacher and teacher. But in fact on NazNet he is a cavalier theological liberal who shunts the Bible as a take-it or leave-it.

Note this on NazNet as planted by Moderator Scott Cundiff:

“In a devotional I dealt with the command given by God to wipe out entire people groups as part of the occupation of Canaan. Writing from a devotional point of view my take away is that there’s that about God, an ‘otherness’ that is beyond us and that passages like that are reminders of that fact.

“However, in the open letter (of Dr. C. S. Cowles of Point Loma Nazarene University), I find a solid Wesleyan perspective that helps me deal with the issue, not from a devotional point of view, but rather from a theological one. I appreciate this insight.

“And van de Beek is right. No matter how hard one tries, it is impossible to reconcile the many commands to kill enemies in the Old Testament with the commands to love our enemies in the New.

“Even more difficult is the portrait painted of God as a violent and genocidal child killer in the Old Testament (Noah’s flood, the fiery destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the slaughter of the Canaanites and Amalekites), and in Christ the lover of children in the New.

“Van de Beek admits as much. He confesses that ‘The more one wants to let all of Scripture speak for itself . . . the more unclear the Bible becomes. The more we believe that the whole Word is revelation, the less we know who God is.’”

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