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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“’To celebrate you, we’d like to give you a little treat, a little surprise. In recognition of your astonishing achievement in selling over one million records, here is the triple platinum record,’ journalist Piers Morgan, a judge on Britain’s Got Talent told Boyle.

“’Very few artists in history have done this. Susan Boyle, you dreamed a dream - this is your dream come true,’ he added” per IANS.

It was one of the finest gifts my children gave me this Christmas—Susan Boyle’s CD: “I Dreamed A Dream.”

If you watched the progression of this 48-year-old singer from Britain’s Got Talent to the present, I hope you have been impressed, particularly by her humility.

That humility in depth comes out in every selection on the CD. It is such a stirring collection.

Of Course, “I Dreamed A Dream” brings back the memories of her first performance on that awesome stage. Personally I could listen to that over and over with the mind pictures coming to the fore. It’s refreshing.

Both “How Great Thou Art” and “Amazing Grace” have been styled in such an individual mold that one would think listening to these favorites for the first time. Lyrics and orchestration conjure billowing clouds surrounding God’s heavenly throne.

There’s not a lost whisper in Susan’s rendition when it’s time for a whisper. And there’s not a crescendo missing when it’s called for. Every word, every tone, every expression is on the mark.

“The End of the World” is special for me. It brings out the poignant emotion of such a complicated experience. It’s one of those times that, as we often put it, no words can express; but this lyric brings it close to it. And of course Susan offers it from the depths.

Simplicity in excellence comes to mind when listening to Susan sing. She received a triple-platinum record for her history-making album sales and she surely deserves it.

“Susan simply doesn’t want all that goes with fame and doesn’t need all that space she’s offered in hotel rooms,” the Daily Star quoted a source as saying. The insider added: “Unlike some of the younger acts to come from reality shows, Susan has had plenty of time to get used to life before celebrity.

“Finding herself in a giant hotel room with none of her home comforts has been overwhelming. Susan understands Simon wants the best for her, but she’d be just as happy in a smaller room.

“Susan is being treated as well, if not better, than any of Simon’s other acts, but she’s not the type of person to turn diva and make outrageous demands.”