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Monday, January 4, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

While Muslim Barack Hussein Obama leads America further and further from its Christian heritage for Islam World Rule, Zambia’s leadership calls the citizenry to a fresh commitment to Jesus Christ.

“Last Tuesday was Zambia's celebration of their 18th Anniversary as a Christian nation, and the country's Republican President Rupiah Banda encouraged his government and the people to seek God's blessings in all they do” per The Christian Post.

Dittoing Banda’s convictions, “Heritage Party leader, Godfrey Miyanda added, ‘We should establish why we are having difficulties with something which is good. Being a Christian nation does not mean we are perfect but that we need to work hard to live up to the declaration. In other words, we should be followers of Christ.’”

Banda spoke “passionately” when he referred to Christ as the hope for his country. Would to God that the United States returned to its allegiance to the Bible as God’s Word and Christ as Savior.

“In a speech read at the 18th anniversary celebration of the country’s Christian declaration, Banda said, ‘It is my passionate desire that my government can access the prosperity which comes from the living God.’

“’I am very positive that you, my fellow Zambians, share this belief with me that in this covenant lies the wisdom of God which, if you hold any kingly position like I do as the Republican President of this nation, then you can align with the covenant like King David did,’ he said.

“’If you are a spiritual leader, you can also align with the covenant like Moses did.

“’We must all be practically responsible citizens who are watchful enough and guarding the only one land that God has graciously given us to work on it and take care of.’”

Instead of double talking religion or masking himself as a Christian while being something else as Obama does, Banda sounded more like gospel preaching than a politician.

If the rest of the free world cast out the demonizing temptations for aligning up with the holiness of Scripture, the world would change for hope and change under God.