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Monday, January 4, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“Climate change is bringing freezing temperatures to Peruvian poor villages where families have long existed on the margins of survival.

‘Now some must choose whether to save the animals that give them a living, or their children” per The Observer/’s Annie Kelly in Pichccahuasi.

God has a way of showing to humanity that He in fact is God, albeit the divine patience letting things quite out of hand on occasion, that is, in mankind’s definition of “patience.”

“There have been warnings from meteorologists in Peru that this month will see the Huancavelica region hit by the worst weather conditions in years with plunging temperatures, floods and high winds.

“The weather is already claiming lives; last month seven people died and scores were treated in hospital after torrential rain caused flash flooding in Ayacucho, the capital of the neighbouring region.”

God is in charge of the planet’s climate.

Mortals are playing God when they move into changing climate and moving continents and sludging taxpayers and kissing up to unbelieving loudmouths and passing legislation that will gouge Americans and so forth.

God IS God.

This particular planet, along with the entire universe, is God's. He is Maker and Owner. He is the one in charge of sun, moon, stars, seasonal changes and everything else related to creation. God has His hand upon it all. His claim is tagged to every part of it.

Mortals are so intent on playing deity that they play right into the hands of God's enemy, Satan. Satan always wanted to be God. He sought to take over the eternal throne. That cost him his place in hell. Now he is known in the Bible as the "King of the Pit."

If these mortals keep playing God, they will end up with the King of the Pit.

Genesis 8:22 is holy writ. This is revealed information from the God of creation. In
that verse alone God states that "as long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease."

". . .will never cease."

All detail related to that overview is under God's surveillance, not mortals'. Tell
that to Al Gore. Inform Bill Clinton of that basic reality.

It was a delight to see God's sense of humor sprayed out over the Copenhagen cop-out when snow blanketed empty-headed conferees. It was particularly encouraging to read that snow gusts stalled Nancy Pelosi's jaunt to the climate flop.

If mortals continue to play deity, they will answer with severe divine wrath. They will be blanketed with that which they never dreamt of. Horrific it will be.

Al Gore, once a born again believer, reared in such a biblically moored home, has gone the way of the transgressor. For years he and his wife have given up on the Bible as the Word of God.

Similarly with Bill Clinton, reared in the same biblical milieu. He too has put aside the divine revelation for his own egocentricity, writing his own religion.

These are representative of the climate-geared God-mockers who seek to manipulate creation to their own ends. Their own ends will be what is described repeatedly in Scripture as damnation.