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Friday, November 6, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Barack Hussein Obama was feting a gala for native Americans in Washington when he got the news about a Muslim killing military personnel at Fort Hood.

Those witnessing the President’s demeanor were shocked. He was giddy, involved in childplay behavior, and joshing with those nibbling and chatting.

He maintained that manner while others were in shock, weeping because dead bodies were strewn about. They were squeezed between sanity and utter frustration. They were distraught beyond words.

However, America’s leader was partying and not about to stop. He was slap happy and not about to move into anguish spent on those snuffed out by a crazed Islamic military psychiatrist who shouted praise to Allah as he pulled the trigger--repeatedly.

Even when Obama turned to state a few stumbling words of trumped comfort, he was not the grieving statesmen empathizing with the torn and ripped. He was jocular. He was distant.

Could it be that Obama understood that a Muslim conducted the slaughter? Obama, a Marxist Muslim, was caught between two worlds—America’s democracy and his own Muslim past.

He often in the past gave ultimate praise to Allah, the Koran and Islam. It’s there in the Internet files for those who research the content. It’s there on video for those desiring to read body language as well verbal content. The informed have taken it all in.

Obama is going to be confronted with like carnage in the future for in every climb of this Republic there are Muslims implanted. Obama knows that he has devout Muslims surrounding him in his czardom and shadow government.

Maine Senator Susan Collins told media this week that she is desperately concerned about Obama’s clique within the White House. The shadow government, she said, supplants other government departments with their own agendas.

In other words, Obama has told the official government departments to take a hike while his dictatorship rules from Pennsylvania Avenue, many of those on board loyal to Islam.

So there you have it: a President at play while the Fort Hood bloodied stain our history.

Keep tuned. There is more to uncover concerning this President who should have never landed in the Oval Office. But mob hysteriacs put him there on the wave of crazed emotion. And now we reap what the dumb warriors put before us.

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