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Sunday, May 3, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

". . .Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels." II Thessalonians l:7

As you plow the gospel cross daily, remember that the age becomes increasingly dark according to prophecy.

Better to have the cross way assuredly practiced as a lifestyle now than to be caught weak in the troublesome times.

The cross enables the spirit to muscle up. It is the means by which we are kept trim. When we finally come to the realization that we are here to adore Jesus, worship Jesus, live for Jesus--chiefly because of His sacrifice for us upon Calvary--then we home down at the cross without complaint. It becomes our honor; we would not regard it as anything less.

Therefore, the cross becomes our dwelling place night and day, thereby strengthening us for the end times.

It was with such delight that Paul wrote that he anticipated the coming of Jesus from heaven with ". . .his mighty angels."

Look up. See Jesus approaching. He is not alone. There are the redeemed of all time with Him. There is a company of loyal angels in His entourage as well. He is mighty, garbed in power to established the judgment reign.

Jesus once came as a little baby; He will come again as the Monarch of time and space.

As you carry the cross, picture yourself with this King Jesus now and then. Recognize that this world has turned so utterly foolish as to live for any other goal than to be in His company. How shallow is the worldly play. Yet how totally spent are its devotees. Therefore, you and I will commit ourselves to yield all powers to the approaching realm.

See your cross then as that ladder reaching upward to heaven. It is that upright timber that latches onto the coming Hope. You are already symbolizing by your cross carrying that your eyes are gazing heavenward, your allegiance is beyond this world, your sights are upon the Personage of all history, indeed the Ruler of eternity.

He will come with the robe dipped in blood, reminding us of His sacrificial blood spilled from the holy tree. You now carry upon your soul shoulders the cross bearing His blood for your sins. They are canceled, remembered not against you ever, as if you never committed those wrongs. He has forgiven and forgotten, blotted out your transgressions.

Even now in anticipation of His approaching, you climb the mount with the stain of His offering upon your commitment. It is your guarantee now of what is yet to be--the advent of your Savior Christ.