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Sunday, May 3, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

". . .the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit." Galatians 6:l8

We say that there are majors and minors regarding our decision making.

Actually there is only one major and all the rest are minors. The major decision is whether or not to come under "the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ."

All else is minor.

All else is minor because all else will vanish. Only that which has been placed under the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ will outlast time. That's the sum of it. That surely does define "minor" in its clearest sense.

Yet this life consumes us with minors. In fact, we hardly know whether to determine whether a choice is major or minor. We deliberate, seek counsel, fret and wind ourselves into knots over decision making.

The cross bearer understands, however, that once one has made the choice to place all of existence under "the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ," He makes the choices from that point on. The major decision to place one's life under the Lordship of Jesus makes all other turns in the road to be governed by God.

If you have heeded the gospel call to put yourself as a bondservant to the Master, then Master decides everything for you. You have made the crucial choice; it is the major baseline of your biography.

How simple life then becomes. Heretofore, you lived in such complicated labyrinths. The life mazes left you with more dead end streets than you could emotionally manage.

However, once you learned the meaning of the daily cross, you submitted to its Sinless Sacrifice and thereby became His serf of the invisible realm. That then opened up the eternal possibilities according to the divine wisdom.

Prior you attempted to be wise in your own conceits. You wanted the best for your future but you did not know how to manage that. Therefore, you professed religion while at the same time governed your own destiny.

However, scripturally that cannot be. Either Jesus is Lord and Master or you are
lord and master. If you profess religion apart from Jesus being Governor of your estate, then your religion is trumped.

Paul closed his letter to the Galatians on the high note by reminding them of their major choice: "the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit."

If the believers in Galatia made that choice and so hoisted their crosses above it, then they would forever be led by the Light. Their major choice would have settled all minor choices. In the conclusion of it all, all minor choices would then vanish with the eventual dissolving of planet earth and their own individual biographies.

But it would be the major choice for Jesus that would propel those consecrated spirits into the eternal bliss.