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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

God’s mercy now is far more stretched than any mortal can imagine. Witness the biblical data.

There comes the time when mortals’ sin can go over the divine mercy line. Many biblical believers are concluding that the world is now experiencing God’s wrath.

Why would God’s wrath come at this particular time? Only the spiritually insensitive would ask that question. Nevertheless, obviously there are scores in that category or we would not be faced with the swine flu pandemic.

As I type, the level has moved from Phase 4 to 5, 6
being the highest.

America has a President who claims to be “Christian” who in fact is Marxist Muslim. Those who contest that can contest it against the facts all they want. Their conviction that he is “Christian” flies in the face of his anti-biblical ethics.

B. H. Obama says he is “Christian,” a member of the archliberal United Church of Christ. He falls right in line with that apostate Protestant denomination’s public proclamations.

The UCC’s headquarters’ doctrinal tenets are not in line with the Bible. They are morally relativistic and politically liberal.

Obama has been raised a Muslim, in a Muslim school, admiring publicly the Koran’s cadences, mothered by a woman who concluded all religions are the same, all gods the same. His relatives are Muslims in Kenya, one being an extremist politician who ran for the Kenyan presidency. When he did not win, carnage was set loose through the entire country.

Obama sat under Jeremiah Wright’s brainwashing cultic diatribes for two decades—anti-white anti-Jew pro-Muslim anti-American. Obama has been close friends with the Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam. He hires Muslims on his DC staff as he did when campaigning.

When Obama does quote the Bible, it is usually politically opportunistic, not sincere. Obama finds it particularly helpful to refer to certain benign Scriptures when wooing evangelicals, many of the latter duped by his masquerade.

This Marxist Muslim advertises America ready for abortion on demand, including partial birth abortion.

He is an enthusiast for homosexual practice, a friend of sodomy lifestyles. Though saying he wants to combat diseases, Obama furthers sexually transmitted diseases as HIV/AIDs by his applause for expanding homosexual activity under the government’s blessing.

Now when the United States has that kind of diabolical leadership in the White House, God’s mercy is strained.

Further, Obama works laboriously to erase the Christian heritage to this Republic. He will do everything he can to eliminate Christianity and thereby replace it with secularism. Secularism is his god alongside Allah.

In his inaugural address, Obama elevated atheism to the level of Christianity. No prior President would have ever thought of doing that. Yet he was applauded by millions mesmerized by his cultic persona.

Is not America ripe for spiritual discipline? Yes.

Canada is at the same footing before heaven’s throne. Canada has gone godless some time ago. I live there. I know.

Europe has done everything possible to eliminate God from its culture. When the European Union was drafted, the pope asked the leaders to include the mentioning of God and the Christian backdrop in EU documents. They refused.

Is not Canada ripe for spiritual discipline? Is not Europe ripe for spiritual discipline?

The Second Person of the Trinity created this planet per the Bible. Christ is Alpha and Omega of this sphere. He has the first and final say concerning everything on the Earth.

Therefore, though mortals’ hubris spring forth to rule, they ultimately do not. They must answer to the Judge Christ. Non-Christians never take that into account.

Presently, in the U.S. the Democrat controlled Congress and B. H. Obama have no regard for God, the Bible and the Judgment Seat of Christ. They are consumed with their own conceits, the Oval Office mentoring how to do it.

The same is current in Europe.

It is so in England. Prince Charles said that he should not be called to endorse the Faith, namely, the Christian faith, but should be known as caretaker of the faithS, plural. That statement was made when Islam crept across Britain.

The Queen in her annual address to the world spoke highly of the Muslim killing cultic “faith.” When one does that, one cancels out Christianity.

It is Christianity’s Christ who claimed to be “the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” He said that no one goes to the Father but through Him, Christ. That is a particularizing of the Christian faith; it does not open the door to other routes to heaven’s graces.

Throughout the world, the apostate church is growing. This is the false religion within Christianity that is not Christian. Instead it is dominated by demons. These apostate sanctuaries espouse lifestyles totally contrary to the biblical moral base, e.g., abortion, sodomy.

Biblical believers are in daily war with these spiritual reneges, many of these anti-God personages standing in pulpits every Sunday. That does not set well with the divine.

Christ said that in the latter days prior to His Second Return the times would be like unto Noah’s generation. Read the Genesis account to discover that detail.

The age in which we live reads like Noah’s rebellious, stubborn, smart aleck clod. It appears we are now inhabiting a world on the verge of the flood, on the cliff edge of God’s wrath descending.

Hence the swine flu floodwaters increasing.

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