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Thursday, February 26, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

When talking to a bank teller friend the other morning, we got on to the current global money mash.

She said some telling wisdom: “We wanted for our children what we thought was really a good life. So we gave them a lot.

“But we did not give them the frugal money lessons along with the things.”

I have thought of that often. We did give our children what we could define as the good life. But we somehow missed slipping in the tutoring on how to be thrifty with the money flow.

Now our children are grown. They are used to overspending. And they have children. So those children are used to overspending.

Let’s face it: America has rotted itself. We have gutted ourselves. We have drawn on the future credit line without batting eyes.

Those Christians into biblical studies know what the Word says about money and one’s accounting before God on that money. Those believers must have felt the squeeze. We felt the moral squeeze on a nation going down the tubes on its overspending. We just wondered when it would happen.

We also wondered how God was dealing with this whole situation since His Word must be seen through with both mercy and justice. How would God react finally to a country so blessed but misusing its blessing while at the same time discounting the God providing it?

Now we are in the global money mash. Jesus predicted it in the Book of Revelation. (See footnote JESUS PREDICTED GLOBAL MONEY MASH).

Those Christians into biblical awareness know that much of what the citizenry is going through has a divinely just base to it. We know that God has been pushed over the mercy line. When that happens, God disciplines those He loves.

That discipline comes upon the just and the unjust. All pay. The innocent hurt along with the malefactors.

Nevertheless, what is going on had to happen. And part of it is therapeutic in that it cleanses the rot build up in America.

Right? You know that’s correct from a biblically sound perspective.