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Saturday, January 2, 2010


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Georgetown was full of mingling human bodies going and coming. Only God knew where. But no one appeared to be hurrying--just going and coming.

We noted the goats traipsing in front of cars. Goats did not care. Drivers had little opt but not to care either.

Not a few cows meandered at the very center of the downtown streets. Chickens with a cadre of roosters gave greeting from that same center.

What a hoot, I thought to myself. Wouldn't Guyanese traffic lifestyle just be ducky in summers on Windham's Route 302? Right!

Those Guyanese had a handsome way about them--an appealing, smiling, sauntering way. It surely worked for taut nerves reduction. So I thought of all that when considering "Be still and know that I am God." I considered that when realizing that Jesus was in the Middle East lifestyle similar to that of the Georgetown citizenry.

Yet much of our so-called Christian endeavor is spent in movement--rush-a-bit-more. Ask Martha, she was one of the first movers--tea cups, sugar, creamer and cookies on the tray for Jesus and Mary. Don't forget the guest napkins. It all had to be "so."

Yet much of what God would want from His children of grace is not movement. It is resting, listening, waiting.

The Christian community usually defines the most notable laypersons within each congregation as those who are up-and-doing: Marthas aplenty. We give them plaques. We engrave their names into metal. We recite their pedigrees in public forums.

Yet what is it that God is desiring from those within His family? Is not God standing by for those who are resting and nesting in Him?

Today, why don't you try resting nesting for a needed change to your spiritual pace and excellence?

Start by resting in this very moment. Ask God what He wants to say to you right now. He may say nothing. That is fine, for silence is communication, too.

Yet as you proceed throughout this day--resting nesting--you will find the Spirit nudging, whispering, taking your life's arm to move you to the right, then to the left.

Sometimes He will simply instruct you kindly to stop, halt, do nothing but heed.

As you approach noontime, you will discover that you are not as frazzled as usual. The tray of tea cups, creamer and sugar with cookies will not be as cumbersome as it usually is.

When you have a very close friend, what do you really need from that individual?

Yes, you do thank that one for helping you lug the picnic table and benches to the side of the house. You do appreciate his shoveling the snow last December, especially when you were ill and could not do the chore yourself.

But what you really need from that one is his willingness to wait with you through the tough times, listening to your irrational spouting and not lecturing you when you are not your best.

You also need her to double over in laughter at some harmless prank, to share a dream or psyche out your unreasonable exploits in plotting a job change.

You need your close friend for his friendship. You need her simply because she is there.

So it is with God and you.

It is time to unwind, to put away the scoreboard on how many hours you have clocked in church work, to be done with "doing your own thing" in the name of "being notable Christian."

It is time. It is time to get into His time.

He is waiting there by your door. Let Him in. Then sit by His side. He is calling you to rest awhile, to nest awhile.