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Thursday, December 31, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Many evangelicals wondered why under heaven Pastor Rick Warren, Saddleback mega-Church, was so cordial to Barack Hussein Obama during the presidential campaign.

Countless conservatives were so taken aback that they couldn’t digest the facts when first told.

“Rick Warren is having Obama on his church platform,” I told a Christian friend in New Hampshire. She opposed me vehemently. I just had to be incorrect. Not Rick Warren. Didn’t I know who he is? Didn’t I know he’s evangelical?

I told her that Barack Hussein Obama was going to sit in Warren’s sanctuary and be given the chance to appear evangelical-friendly when I knew he was Marxist Muslim.

She was incensed at me.

Then later she found out the truth. Obama was there with Warren. It didn’t matter that Warren asked pointed questions of Obama. Obama didn’t care about the touch questions, even tougher questions. All Obama needed was one more religiously conservative clergyman and evangelical sanctuary to walk into.

That went along with Obama mounting other pulpit stairs throughout his campaign.

That went along with his quoting from the Bible, particularly referencing the Sermon on the Mount.

That went along with his staging gospel concerts throughout the South.

That went along with his testimony that he walked to the front of Trinity UCC to meet Jesus at the altar.

That went along with his smiling at one religious figure after another.

Now Warren is paying a severe price for his winging it with the foe. His church is bottoming out financially.

There are kind, loving, caring evangelicals bonding with those of like faith who will respond to this news by saying: “You deserve this fallout, Rick. You asked for it. You should have never bent over backwards to entertain a known theological liberal on your sanctuary platform.”

There were many who concluded Warren did all this for Warren’s sake, that being a forte of Warren. Warren, after all, is the popular author of “The Purpose Driven Life.” He’s known as frequenting liberal conclaves, supposedly under the motive of being charitable and perhaps even winning a few points for evangelicalism. Is it the California sun?

That reminds me of Ruth Graham, Billy Graham’s wife. When Billy was sauntering up to DC frequently to have chats with Presidents, Ruth saw some awesome clouds gathering from time to time.

At one point, Ruth counseled Billy to slow down on the connections with politics in Washington. She told him to stick more with evangelism and less with politicians. He himself told the press this; he stated she was a wise wife to give such advice.

For Warren, he sent out a Christmas letter making financial appeals. So it goes. May he have learned a lesson about this cozy up mode with the theological enemy, especially when it is one as dangerous as Marxist Muslim Barack Hussein Obama.

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