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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.


They’ll love him as the messiah. They and their next generations will vote for him and his party.

Whatever, Barack Hussein Obama is for votes. He got them when mob hysteriacs kissed him into office. Then he declared, “I won.”

He intends on winning more, no matter the lies, deceit, criminals surrounding him, and every other underhanded tactic. It’s the Muslim way, per the Koran’s Allah.

Therefore, while promising immigrants they would get full citizenship when running for President, Obama is checking his calendar. He told them he would put that item top on his agenda. The first year is moving to a close.

Latinos are asking him: When? They are getting frustrated. He knows that. He cannot afford to lose their vote. Latinos count largely in the illegal category.

Whatever the ethnic, Obama will do everything in his power to get illegals legal.

That of course aligns with his immoral base of whatever he does. So on with signing up those who have broken the law to get into America, staying here with children in line, claiming legals would be mean to cast them out now that they have cemented themselves on to our

Those legals who conclude illegals are breaking the law and should be sent back to wherever are going to rise up against Obama.

They are also going to point to the porous borders that he promised to close shut. But will that inhibit Obama the opportunist? Never.

Just as Obama and shadow government said polls are written by children with crayons, so they will tell legals where to get off.

Read “White House prepares for immigration overhaul battle” at Los Angeles Times,0,4277224.story?page=1