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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“We will not rest until we find all who were involved and hold them accountable.”

Obama finally speaks after a two-day vacationing in Hawaii delay. He’s mouthing promises concerning the airline plane almost pop.

So it goes with Muslim Barack Hussein Obama’s presidential authority while straddling the fence.

He’s going to lose rest because of tallying the names of those out to do in America, making them stand publicly as examples of being naughty naughty.

“We will not rest. . .”

I wonder who the “we” is when his “we” is Muslim aligned, that is, the shadow government receiving large salaries for circling the anointed one so that the grassroots doesn’t know how DC is linking up with Islam World Rule.

Could they be the “we” for it certainly cannot be the grassroots or the Republicans in Congress for all of us have been shut out of any governmental proceedings major.

Now to his term “accountable.”

Obama simply cannot make these Muslim killers accountable for he himself has slipped through the accountability rails so many times that he has no idea as to the definition of “accountable.”

Recall that Obama said during the presidential campaign that he would count on the power of words to bring “change” and “hope.” When Hillary Clinton spoke up most animatedly in a debate, declaring that her personal experience in politics counted for much more than Obama’s adolescent resume, Obama countered with the “power of words” thing.

He’s still counting on the power of words thing. Performance is not his prime. Verbiage is maximum. And even that does not come without a teleprompter.

So there we have another empty promise. Obama is going to lose sleep until every one out to slaughter Americans in the name of the Koran’s Allah is propped up in village squares confessing sins against the Republic.

Now to Yemen.

There are countless numbers in that government crippled geography who told the world that they will not sleep until they have popped off every US citizen.

So, Obama, it’s time to go with paper and pen in hand. Trot to Yemen, print out those names and yank them to Manhattan’s Central Park for confessing their sins against our freedoms.

We all know now that Yemen is the murder factory par excellence, at least at the moment. Of course there are rivals, but Yemen is getting the press. So go to Yemen, scrawl down those ids and plug them low before they get us.

Got it? Now do it, or we’ll impeach you one way or another. Since you find devious means by which to squeeze out your government, we free people out here will find our ways to see through your ousting.