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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Marxist Muslim Barack Hussein Obama is mentally ill and getting worse.

The angst will continue as long as he persists in Islam World Rule rather than America with Christian heritage intact.

Obama has the spirit of antichrist. One of those indications is his forthright lie about going to the “altar” and meeting Jesus.

Obama told that tale while running for President. At Chicago’s cult factory, otherwise known as Trinity United Church of Christ (Congressional), Obama walked to the sanctuary front during an altar invitation.

There he met Jesus who became his friend.

When I first read that a long, long time ago I thought to myself that in all the United Churches of Christ that I know of—as well as numerous clergy from that like-unto-Unitarianism arch-liberal denomination—I have never known of an altar call being provided at the close of a UCC worship.

The altar call is a tradition within evangelical and fundamentalist congregations. It is when the pastor invites souls to repent of their sins before the Savior, receiving His mercy and forgiveness. They leave their pews and proceed toward the altar at the church front. Souls are converted at those altars. Lives are genuinely changed from darkness to light. Miracles happen.

Recall Billy Graham Crusades when the invitation was given as the choir sang, “Just As I Am.” That is an example of an altar call.

The UCC is not known for that kind of thing, particularly that overseen by Jew-and-white-hating cult leader Jeremiah Wright.

But Obama was trying to get the conservative vote; so he lied in their vernacular. Obama committed blasphemy when he lied about such sacred venues. He committed blasphemy and that sin is upon his soul to this moment.

In addition, during the presidential campaign, Obama held gospel concerts throughout the Bible belt South. That was fraudulent. Obama was wed to the Koran while permitting Jesus hymns sung in his name. Anything for the conservative vote.

Further, Obama, with his insecure childhood, liberal upbringing, Islamic tutelage, and cultic brainwashing for twenty years under Wright, was bent in the direction of cracking. He was reared on the empty side of life—liberalism.

Now he’s got the free world to govern, beginning with the United States. He can’t do it. He’s not the soul for it. Besides, he’s laden with the dark side shadows pressing in. They’re shades from the Pit.

A black Boston pastor said in a talk show interview that Obama was tutored by Wright to the degree that Obama considered Wright a father surrogate. The Boston clergyman concluded that over two decades Obama, in a very real sense, gave his ego to Wright, believing in the “white values” eliminated and black liberal theology controlling America.

Obama has gathered around him a shadow government on the Koran side. He has czars that are committed to Islam World Rule.

All the while, Obama tries to hoodwink the mob hysteriacs who swooned him into office—whites and blacks. But that can only fool so long.

There’s Ramadan, so Obama celebrates with those of like Koran commitment. Then Christmas comes and he tries to show like a Christmas person with his Opray Winfrey gig on TV. When Christmas actually arrives, he attends gymnasium rather than church worship.

Obama, not yet in power a year, is being revealed as the chief enemy of this Republic. The grassroots is catching on, especially with their health care being bankrupt.

Crash crash crash down upon Obama’s tired, anti-God cranium. The antichrist spirit does not have the divine power to carry life’s weights. The Holy Spirit does provide such wisdom. But Obama is not in league with the Holy Spirit.

Judgment day approaches. “Be sure your sins will find you out.”

God is still upon His throne. God cares about Christian heritage America. He answers intercessions of the righteous—past and present.

Therefore, day upon day, Obama’s head closes in, his soul descends deeper into its own hypocrisy, and the devil’s fruit shows rot.