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Monday, December 21, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Senator Ben Nelson gave conservatives and moralists a Christmas gift early.

He became the 60th traitor to the Republic.

In that, he blew Nebraska away from east to west. They’re mad mad mad.

That is Nelson’s evil gift to his state. That is Nelson’s wicked gift to America.

I have been wondering a long, long time when it will come to madness. When will grassroots holler till the moon wiggles through night skies?

Nelson’s constituency is dwindling, as it should. May this happen to every other Congressperson who voted for a paper stack none of them have read, few understand.

This is like passing out empty sheets of paper to a first grade class and then asking them what is on it. The first one who says something about the drawing that is not there gets an A. The next one who describes what color the nothing is gets an A.

And so on.

These Congresspersons are not only insulting to the intelligent mind. They represent clinically concluded deranged individuals in need of extensive mental and emotional therapy, not to mention spiritual counseling.

Instead, these morally bankrupt Congresspersons walked off with gift stockings overflowing. May they roast in hell. And may their stocking stink to high heaven.

Talk about greed on Wall Street.

These are the examples of the maximum unethical. They are cheap. They are tawdry. They are the scum bottom.

When I read what they have done to this Republic, I think I have slipped inadvertently into some Banana Republic overseen by the Castros of history.

Nelson, you are at the top of the heap for you, in your suave demeanor and appearing compassionate voice, roasted those of us who breathe to be free.

In what you did, you gave more power to the Marxist Muslim already gloating in the Oval Office. He is surrounded by Muslims. They have set up their own Islamic power clutch. Only God knows what is the future of America with these Koran-loving power deceivers seated in DC.

Nelson, you are publicly shamed. Your wrists and ankles should be locked in chains in the village square.

May be you be dumped, and that quite early. Not soon enough. Not at all.

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