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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

How can Muslim Barack Hussein Obama fight off the Muslims wanting to destroy America?

Every knowledgeable individual knows there are countless Muslim sleeper cells. There are over 4000 Muslim websites.

Last night kiss-up-to-Barack Chris Matthews looked ready for a nervous breakdown. He had news mouths giving forth as to how far terrorism is spreading.

Of course the words “Muslim” or “Islam” were never used. It’s always the mask term “terrorism,” as if the viewers don’t know the code language.

So the mouths were verbalizing how the Koran devotees are creeping into crevices far and wide. One mouth counted out the geographies—America, Canada, “all over Europe.”

Then they gave place to Joe Lieberman’s forecast that Yemen is the next Afghanistan.

There sat Matthews still getting the love feeling sneaking up his leg when the name of the Anointed One is mentioned. But now his countenance grimaced.

What is the United States going to do? How are we going to protect ourselves? Where are we going to hide?

Well, the obvious question that comes to mind is this: How can a Muslim Oval Office Chief fight off his own? He is surrounded by a shadow government sworn to the same plot.

Mob hysteriacs gloried this horse into the White House. And now they are stuck with the mess.

It seems to be an elementary fact that a Muslim
President cannot quell Muslim enthusiasts who have given their blood to slaughtering all infidels.

Another elementary thought just might be this: Why should a Muslim President quell Muslim enthusiasts who have given their blood to slaughtering all infidels when that Muslim President is furthering the scheme?

Makes for a fairly solid game plan for Islam World
Rule, don’t you think?