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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Let’s hope Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman is up to being Independent maximum.

Marxist Muslim Barack Hussein Obama and czars will put the screws to him. Scowling in their souls Dem henchmen will do likewise.

There are those who claim Lieberman is up to holding his ground on the bogus “healthcare” mash.

Others say he will cave it and prove himself an opportunist just like all the rest of them.

If Lieberman caves in, he will have shown himself in contest with Tiger Woods media attention.

If he remains glued to his media-spread position that he’s been giving forth in the last several days, then he will have the applause of those who want the Obama house of cards to fold up.

It is so interesting to note how one person can make or break. There are numerous moral lessons that a teacher could take from this incident in relating ethical courage or cowardice to a classroom.

Obama has brought us thus far to such a cave in on disbanding democracy for socialism, Christian heritage for atheism, and what we have known as “America” for Islam World Rule.

This is the smartest month for macabre Obama to catch the nation off-guard. Christmas is laden with frivolity, just the moment for the Islamic grinch to run off with the presents.