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Sunday, December 13, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

What is going to happen when civil citizens are hauled off to jail because they don’t meet the Obamangst “healthcare” dictatorship?

What is going to sweep the country when elderly lose their benefits and are told to ‘sacrifice for the good of all’?

What will law-respectful people do when government steps in to dictate health care and medications rather than permit the doctor-patient tie to remain intact?

What is going to occur when Marxist Muslim Barack Hussein Obama’s present ‘safe schools’ porno pusher continues to indoctrinate students in obscene lifestyles?

How is America could to respond when chaffing under the despotism of Obama-Pelosi-Reid and a demented Dem Congress?

How will God react to being governmentally stomped upon rather than honored in the Republic’s traditional Christian heritage?

Right now, citizenry is caught up in the month’s festivities, as these people should be.

However, when that is over and out, winter settling in, will ruined Americans spike the avenues, streets, boulevards, school houses, and state legislatures to press for a return to democracy?

Obamangst continues to twist and turn citizens’ heads so that they hardly know what to expect the next month let alone the next week.

Liberal media feeds in daily to the socialist-Islamic Obama take-over.

Conservative newsfeeds are threatened by Obama’s shadow government czars.

RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) betray their voting public. Maine, where I live, is slapped around all the time by two Senators who are geared into Dem liberalism at every turn. They are not worth the title “Republican.”

Evils are lauded by the Oval Office. Decency is trashed by the Oval Office. And his colleagues are damning the country via his latest directive.

Will there be a social revolution to throw out those who have undercut America?