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Monday, December 14, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Muslim disdain for Christians is so macabre that the Hamas, for example, go to Christian graves along the Gaza strip. Then Muslims dig up the corpses. Why? To pitch them.

Why? Because Hamas tells the press that Christian dead bodies “pollute the earth.”

God forbid that the Christian deceased should dirty up the environs, considering that those same neighborhoods house parents teaching their children how to slay “pigs” and “monkeys.” Those are Muslim endearing terms for “Jews.”

God forbid that the Christian bodies should mess up the ground where a woman accused of adultery is to be earth-pitted up to her chin, then stoned till dead, village children watching.

With that as backdrop, note that in 2009, 165,000 reported Christian martyrs. Muslims did it. The cult killings are numbered largely in Muslim nations.

Does the global media report this? Hardly. Instead, we hear over and over about Islamophobia.

“It’s just another Christian story,” reporters tell one another frequently when the incident focuses on Christians being slain by Islamics.

Now to Iraq: Christians continue to exit due to fear of being dead in the morning.

Two brothers, Christians, just the other day were shot by Allah-devotees. They were in the line-up of levelings against Christians in towns around Mosul, per police reports.

“’In the face of these attacks,’ an observer reported, ‘Many Christians prefer to flee to safe areas where they can practice their rites and rituals with greater freedom.’”

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