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Sunday, November 29, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

That’s correct.

Tolerant Switzerland is putting it to Muslims inside its borders.

Minarets have to go. Slice them off. Dump them. No more skylines ruined with poking the clouds with Islam’s symbolic pride and power.

Swiss voters slapped a “blanket ban” on spikes in the air, per AFP and Swiss’ new agency ATS.

That’s moving forward.

If other countries wised up, civilization could gain ground again. If not, Muslim murdering-the-infidels spread will increase. Decent, law-abiding citizens must act. They must defend their cultures rather than brag on multiculturalism, as Europeans have been boasting lately.

Now these various nations are concluding that multiculturalism is all right when it refers to cultures representing civility. But when Islamics try to slide in under multiculturalism, they are barbarics that just don’t fit, no matter if they attempt to be “moderates.”

After all, who can define a “moderate Muslim”? All Allah disciples are committed to slay infidels or be slain by zealots. What does that mean for sleeper cells waiting for the call to slice and dice non-Muslims? It means that in short time we non-Islamics are spewing forth the blood fountains.

Therefore, topple the Allah might-symbol atop mosques. Rid that power fling from society. Then go after the mosques themselves, as well as the so-called spiritual leaders holding seminars on how ruin nations.

America must rid itself of Islamic schools teaching their young to hate non-Muslims. Some of these schools have received press coverage; but they are still open. Are they in your neighborhood?

America must rid itself of Islamic websites—4000 of them—that play “friendly” while defending Muslim intrusions till the sleeper cell call-ups broadcast.

America must rid itself of Muslim military personnel who give obvious signals of plotting terror.

Americans, in other words, must do more than they are doing in order to presence freedoms for citizens who deserve freedoms. Muslims intent on prostituting freedoms must be deported.

Yes, no niceness. Deportation.

“The SVP had forced a referendum under Swiss regulations on the issue after collecting 100,000 signatures within 18 months from eligible voters.

“Switzerland has an uneasy relationship with its
Muslim population of some 400,000 in a country of 7.5 million people. Islam is the second largest religion here after Christianity.”

“Uneasy relationship” is the sweet way of saying Switzerland has finally come to its basics before Allah’s murderers swing sword.