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Saturday, November 28, 2009


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

The false religion is all around us.

Those churches that have turned against the Word of God, Christ as God, and the proclamation of personal salvation through His forgiving mercy, aid in damning America.

Those churches clustered into denominations add to the demonic force

Those clergy who preach other than Holy Scripture are digging the Republic’s pit deeper and deeper.

The Episcopal Church is a prime example of this apostasy. Of course, the biblical believers are moving out of that conclave to form their own Word witness.

The United Church of Christ (Congregational), to which Barack Hussein Obama and wife belong, is like unto the Episcopal antichrist spirit. Obama tries to fool the public with this Protestant tie but he is in fact a Marxist Muslim given to Islam World Rule.

Other denominations that have turned their backs on the God of Scripture include the Evangelical (a misnomer) Lutheran Church of America. Of course, the Unitarian/Universalist Society has always sided with the anti-God systems. These open doors to outright blasphemy will answer at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

Pockets of wickedness worm their ways into other mainstream denominations in particular.

“They had a split. The pastor went for being ‘all-inclusive,’” the woman explained to me when speaking of an American Baptist Church nearby. When the biblical pastor followed the apostate advocate, there were not enough God loyalists to keep church doors open.

High Street Baptist Church in Portland Maine has gone apostate with “all-inclusive” etched into its church sign. That caused much pain for the biblically aligned; other Baptist churches within that association tried to get that one congregation to change its position, but to no avail.

A pastor in the Church of the Nazarene surveyed the present debate concerning the emerging church as well as some homosexual students at the denomination’s ministerial training institution. “What are they going to do with these men when they graduate and want to be ordained, then placed in a church?” he asked.

He predicted that in short time frame the Church of the Nazarene will condone homosexual practice. That holiness church would never have entertained such a notion a few years ago. Now the young turks are taking over, particularly through liberal NazNet website overseen by left-leaning Founder/Moderator Dave McClung. He is joined by Moderator Hans Deventer and Manager Scott Cundiff.

The spirit of antichrist rests upon liar Obama. He is surrounded by like spirits in his czars and shadow government. Congresspersons are a part of the dark spirit scheme as well.

Instead of there being a biblically strong American church to combat this devilment, there is fracture to right and left.

This turning backs on the God of Scripture is weakening the Republic’s stability. A nation without the God of the Bible cannot stand.